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Louis Delgado was one of the very best fighters the East Coast of America ever developed. His speed, unique fighting style, and the heart of a lion, is what made Louis into one of the toughest fighters America ever developed. His grueling fights with stars from the Golden Era of Karate in America (in the 1960’s), made him into a legend. He fought them all, including Joe Lewis, Chuck Norris, and Thomas La Puppett. He was the last man to beat Chuck Norris in the East Coast versus West Coast Karate Championships held in New York City in 1968.
After beating Chuck Norris in New York in 1968, Louis Delgado visited California and Bruce Lee invited him to his backyard to have him kick with Dan Inosanto, as Bruce Lee filmed him. He then did a lot of sparring with Bruce Lee and admired his vast library of books on Martial Arts
In a 1969 Black Belt Magazine interview, (while Bruce Lee was still alive and living in Los Angeles and had not made a Hong Kong Kung Fu flick yet), Louis Delgado stated, “I have never seen anyone like Bruce Lee. I have met and sparred with several Karate men, but Bruce has been the only one who has baffled me completely. I am completely in awe when I fight with him. I’ve never seen anyone like him! I’ve been intrigued with Bruce’s library of bushido books also. I really don’t believe there is anyone more dedicated to the Oriental fighting arts than he!”

Source- https://www.facebook.com/154934664528950/posts/louis-delgado-was-one-of-the-very-best-fighters-the-east-coast-of-america-ever-d/2389490661073328/


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