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Jean-Claude Van Damme (Appreciation Thread)

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Many critics have not spoken highly of Van Dammes acting ability, especially during his early year's. Many of them should watch JCVD(2008)) in particular the opening and closing monologues. Yet from the few clips I've seen of him in We Die Young, he really manages to convey a lot through his eyes/facial expressions alone. Even if you removed the use of the mobile phone, translating his dialogue, you would still be able to understand, his character' intentions in this scene.





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@jcvd & me. I've always liked this dude! He literally gave me the shirt off his back in the first Universal Soldier Movie when I was freezing day player one night and here I was 8yrs later costarring with him in the sequel! Would love to work with him again someday.


Source- https://www.instagram.com/officialmichaeljai/?hl=en



Who thinks these two legends of screen action, need to appear on-screen together again?



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