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Phantom Dreamer

Was Bruce Lee of English descent?

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8 minutes ago, Phantom Dreamer said:

Now author Matthew Polly is saying Bruce Lee was 5/8 Han Chinese, 1/4 British and 1/8 Jewish.

The further you go back into his family history history, the more varied you would find his genetc heritage to be.

Never traced my own family history, but I very much doubt I'd turn out to be purely from one race or area of the world.

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6 hours ago, Phantom Dreamer said:

The South China Morning Post is grappling with the revelation that Bruce Lee was part Dutch-Jewish and part English. Who gets to claim an icon with such a fluid identity? How Chinese was he really?

A human being first and foremost. Icon for the human race if you like.









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Uncovering Bruce Lee's Jewish roots

Buried roots

In the book’s footnotes, Polly refers to “incorrect statements” that led to assumptions that Lee’s maternal great-grandfather was German Catholic. Polly found evidence that this great-grandfather, Mozes Hartog Bosman, came from a Dutch Jewish family of German descent.

Bosman was born in Rotterdam in 1839 to teenage parents Hartog Mozes Bosman and Anna de Vries. His father was a kosher Jewish butcher.

“[Mozes] did not want to take up his father’s business,” Polly said. When he was a teenager, Bosman joined the Dutch East Asia Company and “jumped on a boat halfway across the world, ending up in Hong Kong.”

“He was one of those boys who wanted adventure,” Polly said. “He could very easily have died at any moment on the journey.”

Bruce Lee’s Dutch-Jewish great-grandfather, Mozes Hartog Bosman, circa 1880. (Courtesy Matthew Polly)

Instead, in 1866, he became the Dutch consul to Hong Kong, where he left a complicated legacy. He bought a Chinese concubine named Sze Tai and had six children with her; all grew up to become “extremely wealthy, the richest in Hong Kong,” Polly said.

One of their sons, Ho Kom-tong, had a wife, 13 concubines and a British mistress. With his mistress, he had his 30th child — a daughter, Grace Ho, who became Bruce Lee’s mother.



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