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Pro Wrestling Thread 2017

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6 hours ago, AlbertV said:

More of the "Woken" Matt Hardy

The only WWE clips I've watched of late, are the one involving Broken, I mean Woken Matt Hardy. How can anyone keep their face straigth, while working with that persona.


We are Defiant, more wrestling action from U.K shores.


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On 12/19/2017 at 6:58 AM, DragonClaws said:

Didnt the Road Warriors also come from the same area?, or I am getting my facts mixed up?.

Yes they did. Nikita Koloff did an interview about the whole thing several years ago.



Kalisto is not having a good holiday season as he was assaulted. According to his wife, he needed stitches and may have a fracture.


It is rumored that Ricochet and the tag team War Machine will go to NXT next year. War Machine is said to have finished work with ROH at Final Battle and will end things with NJPW at WrestleKingdom 12.

The talk about Vince McMahon reviving the XFL has heated up after he sold $100 million in WWE stock to fund Alpha Entertainment.


Katsuya Kitamura won NJPW's Young Lion Cup going undefeated. Tomoyuki Oka came in second and Kawato Hirai was third. Shota Umino was fourth while Tetsuhiro Yagi and Ren Narita were winless as their match ended in a draw.

Daichi Hashimoto, the son of NJPW great Shinya Hashimoto, won Big Japan's Strong Heavyweight title.

Chris Jericho is apparently booked for NJPW's New Year's Dash, the show the day after WrestleKingdom so he will have one more match after his battle with Omega. It is also where the major storylines for the year are begun.

What does Tama Tonga mean with this tweet about the original Bullet Club cast? Speculation is that since NJPW contracts always end on January 5th, Balor, Gallows and Anderson are headed back to NJPW once their current WWE contract is up.


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