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One Armed Boxer

Inside Men (2015)

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The Korean trend of adapting web-comics into movies continues with 'Inside Men', which see's a former political henchman out for revenge against a ruthless politician that dropped him from the campaign, while a determined investigator looks to uncover the truth between the pair.


The plot structure seems very similar to Ryoon Seung-wan's 'The Unjust', with the production being helmed by Woo Min-ho, who also wrote the screenplay.  Min-ho doesn't have the best track record, having previously directed the under-whelming 'Spy' and 'Man of Vendetta', however he has got some big names on-board for his latest effort.


Lee Byung-hun stars as the political henchman, hopefully delivering a performance to make up for the lackluster 'Memories of the Sword', while Jo Seung-woo ('Assassination') and Baek Yoon-sik ('The Art of Fighting') play the investigator and politician respectively.


Check out the trailer below - 




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