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41 minutes ago, Drunken Monk said:

I'm not one to knock anyone's hustle but Adkins' recent endorsement from a protein powder just seems unnecessary.


You gotta make the money while its there, you never know whats round the corner with life. He will save a few quid on it buying Protein, these products are not cheap anymore. These supplements are a huge market now, a lot of them are a complete waste of money. It seems like everyone and their grandad, has a product to endorse, or they cliam to be associated with developing.


I cant vouch for what he uses. Never tried the product.



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This might be off topic, but it's still very relevant indeed, winters in the U.K are getting milder by the year. Yet huge corporations continue to makes billions off polluting the world, the very world, they and their grand children have to live in, not to mention the rest of us.



The time is NOW!

We must allow scientists the ability to make crucial decisions on how our governments around the world approach global warming and any world leader that refuses to acknowledge climate change needs to lose your VOTE immediately. C'mon people lets do something before its too late, for our children and theirs - lets stop this selfish madness. - SA Official FaceBook

Link- https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-45775309

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Scott Adkins Workout- What Their Not Telling You

Link- https://bestmartialartsmovies.org/the-secrets-of-scott-adkins-workout/


You can always learn from other peoples approach to training, but there's no way you can copy them, and create an identical look, by doing it. Put all the hard work, diet, and supplments to one side, and you are left with what nature gave you. Just as there's only Scott Adkins, there's only one you, make the best of what you have. Rather than killing yourself, to be like another person. Be wary of over training, this can leave you open to injury's, I think this is especially important for Martial Artists, as some not only train in the weight room, but in the dojo/school, or in the case of actors/actress's, on set too. A lot of pro-fighters, can leave their best efforts in the gym, not leaving them much left for the fight itself. Those are just some of my personal thoughts.



Still to come, Ip Man 4(2019), which I hope takes Mr Adkins career into new territory.




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7 minutes ago, Fist of the Heavenly Sky said:

I would personally prefer a Ninja 3 movie with Casey Bowman, to conclude his life cycle and emotional journey into a trilogy. 


It woud be great to see another chapter in that series too, and I think we will see it, one day.

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If my local DVD/Blu-Ray retailer, doesn have this in stock, on the release date, I'll have to go all Boyka on them.




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