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Geochilmaru: The Showdown (2005)

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Now here's a movie that either escaped people's attention or they just forgot to mention it.Please allow me to bequeath to you this diamond in the rough of a movie Geochilmaru.

This movie is a korean production and it shows that they too can hold their own with the Hongkies,Japanese,and Thais.Here's the rundown...An online challenge has been made by a mysterious benefactor to noteworthy martial artists and fighters alike.Comprised of eight masters in their distinctive disciplines consisting of the following...

kung-fu,tae kwon do,karate,muay thai,wushu,streetfighting,judo,and kickboxing.The beauty of this movie is that the cast are all real life martial artists and that there are no wires involving the stunts and fighting here.If you like realism in your movie fights...look no further.

They give up it like a victim at gunpoint.The director,Kim Jin Sung came from literally out of nowhere with this low budget,TREASURE.That's right.This is like the Blair witch project of the martial world.Tight choreography coupled with the cast to pull it off along with a decent storyline and guess what? You got yourself a movie that's worth watching alone or with your clique/company of choice.Is it worth keeping? I wouldn't be wasting my time or yours my brethen by posting if it wasn't...?


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