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Jet Li ran into Chingmy Yau when the two were in Paris. Both of their elder daughters dressed up for the annual Le Bal des Debutantes. The duo worked together 25 years ago on Kung Fu Cult Master.


Jet Li and daughter Jada with Chingmy Yau and her younger daughter.


Jet Li with daughters Jada and Jane

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24 minutes ago, TibetanWhiteCrane said:

Have you seen the tits on Nina Li?

I do recall reading an interview where he mentions that he fell in love with Nina Li on the set of Dragon Fight (1987), but that he said that if they still loved each other in 10 years, they'd get married. I wonder if he was knockin' boots with her in the down time.

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1 hour ago, DrNgor said:

Random gossip question: Why did Jet Li's first marriage end? 

Jet admitted that his first marriage was more of a marriage of convenience and not out of love, because quite frankly, he didn't know what love was at the time. He was poor at the time and Huang Qiuyan came from a rich family so it was basically Huang supporting Li and yes they had two daughters. When Li met Nina on Dragon Fight, he and Huang amicably decided to end the marriage as Li fell in actual love with Nina. He even gave a majority of his shares and assets to Huang as part of the divorce but Huang remained friends not only with Jet, but was and apparently still is close to Jet's mother. As a matter of fact, their split was so amicable that Jet gave Huang $50,000 US as a wedding gift for Huang and her second husband in 2005. Even though they don't appear much in the spotlight like Jane and Jada, Jet does keep a close relationship with his daughters with Huang, Taimi Li and Si Li.




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