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Rock, Hard Rock, & Heavy Metal: An Appreciation Thread

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Here's something for all of you who have 1980s nostalgia.

First off, meet Enforcer.



Then there's Crazy Lixx. I bought their latest album Forever Wild and it reminded me of Def Leppard, King Kobra and White Lion (anyone remember those last two bands ?). :D 



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And here's the song that got me interested in Crazy Lixx. Heard this on a Metal radio station and got hooked instantly (in spite of the title :tongue: )


And here's some carpool music that will beat any of the stuff you see on The Late Show with James Corben:bs_coveredlaugh:


Seems these guys like Rhapsody, I'm getting some epic vibes here. 😎


And as I mentionned Cellar Darling earlier, here is their latest (lyric) music video. 


And that will be all for now. Rock on, people. :rockon

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I mentionned Rhapsody earlier, anybody checked out their latest album The eight Mountain  ? Awesome stuff, I really dig the "classic Rhapsody" vibe some of those songs have. Clearly one of my top 5 2019 albums so far. :cool: 

Note: I'm talking of Rhapsody of Fire here, not the "other" Rhapsody AKA Turilli / Lione Rhapsody who are also set to release an album called Zero Gravity (Rebirth and Evolution) in July but the material I heard from it hasn't grabbed me that much so far, even though I usually love Luca Turilli's work with Rhaspody and as a solo artist.






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1 hour ago, Secret Executioner said:

The eight Mountain  ? Awesome stuff

Yes, the Eighth Mountain has  all kinds of awesomeness.  I sometimes play it when I'm driving around town on errands for the natural high it gives me.  Not to mention the beautiful album cover art.  What are your Top 5 of the year so far?

A couple of others I bought recently are Origine: The Black Crystal Sword Saga Part 2 by Ancient Bards (another great Italian Band) and Masters of the Multiverse by Dragony (a lesser degree of awesome).   

The Eighth Mountain


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6 hours ago, whitesnake said:

What are your Top 5 of the year so far?

1 - Beast in Black - From Hell with Love


2 - Cellar Darling - The Spell


3 - Crazy Lixx - Forever Wild

4 - Rhapsody of Fire - The eight Mountain

5 - got a hard time deciding between these three:

Avantasia - Moonglow


Iron Savior - Kill or get killed 

Whitesnake - Flesh and Blood


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As mentionned in the "What are we listening to ?" thread:

Kane Roberts - The new Normal (2019)

Muscular guitarist Kane Roberts (member of Alice Cooper's band in 1986-1988) returns with a new solo album this year, and it's some pretty good, straight-to-the-point hard rock. One of the album's high-points is getting other former Alice Cooper alumni Kip Winger and Ken Mary among the performers as well as some special guests such as Alice Cooper and Arch Enemy's Alissa White-Gluz on lead vocals ON THE SAME SONG. Oh, and Mrs. Cooper, Shirley, is in the pretty cool video for said song too.



Luca Turilli - Prophet of the Last Eclipse (2002)

Rhapsody's mastermind Luca Turilli's second solo album offers interesting changes from Rhapsody's previous albums and also from his previous album King of the Nordic Twilight (released in 1999). Thematically, the album marks a shift towards a more science-fiction-themed story (as opposed to the Heroic Fantasy themes preeminent in Rhapsody's Esmerald Sword Saga and his previous album), notable with the cover art showcasing a robot/cyborg kind of character flying above some planet shooting a futuristic weapon while some meteor is coming down. Musically, the arrangements evolve a bit, the usual classical or baroque themes being replaced (for the most part, there are still some choir parts) with synths feeling more futuristic. But as usual, you get a quite long closing number (unless you have the Limited Edition which contains two bonus tracks). On a sidenote, it seems like Turilli/Lione Rhapsody is going for something thematically and musically closer to this on the upcoming album Zero Gravity (Rebirth and Evolution), so I guess I'll eventually warm up to thieir stuff.

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Since I mentionned Alice Cooper's From the Inside in a different thread I figured I'd post some stuff related to it - like excerpts of the video release The Strange Case of Alice Cooper, filmed in San Diego, CA in April 1979 during the tour that followed the album.





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I realized these two posts of mine from another thread would be more at home here.



And if I ain't too lazy and can find good videos, I'll probably illustrate what I'm rambling about in there.  :tongue:

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Five years after stepping back from band activities due to insomnia, original Nightwish drummer Jukka Nevalainen made the announcement that he has officially left the band, but will be staying in the "family" as a behind the scenes guy. Jukka has announced that his interim replacement Kai Hahto is now his permanent replacement in the band. The band is currently working on their 9th album, due to be released in 2020.



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King Diamond  has announced he will be reuniting Mercyful Fate in 2020 for a series of festival events. The lineup will consist of the last lineup minus one person. While Diamond, Hank Shermann, Mike Wead, and Bjarne T. Holm will return, Sharlee D'Angelo will not return to bass due to his current band, Arch Enemy. He will be replaced by Joey Vera, whose playing style is similar to original MF bassist Timi Hansen.


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Timi Hansen, the original bassist for Mercyful Fate will not be joining the reunion tour of 2020 because he has announced he is battling cancer. He made the announcement on the Facebook page of Livia-Zita Bendix, the wife of King Diamond

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Some illustrations to this response

Black Sabbath - "Snowblind" (live, London 1978)


Black Sabbath - "Tomorrow's Dream" (live, California Jam 1974)


Nightwish - "Sleepwalker"


Nightwish - "Dead Boy's Poem" (I mentionned not being too fond of it, but still)


Saxon - "Denim and Leather" (live, Wacken 2007)


Saxon - "Princess of the Night"


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Some great news for Blue Öyster Cult fans from Frontiers Music's YouTube channel:


Alright Blue Öyster Cult fans, we've got a lot of cool news to share with you. Two new releases, “Hard Rock Live Cleveland 2014” & "Cult Classic" (Re-issued/Remastered) will be released on January 24, 2020. A live video for "Harvester Of Eyes" & audio for "(Don't Fear) The Reaper", from each respective release, are available today for you to see/hear on YouTube. Additionally, the band is working on new studio album for release in 2020.


Blue Oyster Cult have confirmed a January 24, 2020 release date for “Hard Rock Live Cleveland 2014” and a re-issued, remastered version of their 12th studio album, “Cult Classic.” Recorded on October 17, 2014 at the Hard Rock Casino in Northfield, OH, “Hard Rock Live Cleveland 2014” offers a comprehensive and exciting look at the Blue Öyster Cult repertoire. With nearly 2 hours of music, the band is on fire, performing some of the finest and most beloved songs from their history, while not forgetting some deeper cuts which will make longtime fans of the band quite happy. The release will be available 2CD+DVD, Blu-Ray, and 3xLP (180g, gatefold) formats. “I’m most excited about the formats, i.e. a triple vinyl, DVD, CD, Blu-Ray of the 2014 concert from the Hard Rock Cleveland 2014. A collector’s delight,” says Eric Bloom. This is the first in a series of live releases which are going to be released during 2020.

Pre-orders are available here: https://radi.al/BOCLive | Watch a clip of the track “Harvester Of Eyes” HERE: https://youtu.be/VAts0dNooh8


Originally released in 1994, “Cult Classic” includes updated recordings of the band’s biggest hits, including such classics as "(Don't Fear) The Reaper,” "Burning for You,” “Astronomy,” and “Godzilla,” among others. This reissue is remastered and comes with updated artwork. It will be available on CD and 2xLP (180g, gatefold) formats. “‘Cult Classic’ hasn’t been available for many years and now here it is again in all these new ways," adds Bloom.

Pre-orders are available here: https://radi.al/CultClassic | Listen to the remastered version of “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper,” HERE: https://youtu.be/cEomy5LDBgg


The band is currently hard at work on new material for a studio album that will be released next year. According to frontman Eric Bloom, “the band is in the middle of creating new songs and recording them in between tour dates and, as they evolve in rehearsals and sound checks, we hope to be able to drop a song or two into our live shows soon. Everyone is involved in the writing and arrangement of the new material and we’re all excited about the prospect of a new BÖC album to be released in 2020.”


“Hard Rock Live Cleveland 2014” Tracklisting & Line-up:


1. O.D.'d On Life Itself

2. The Red And The Black

3. Golden Age Of Leather

4. Burnin’ For You

5. Career Of Evil

6. Shooting Shark

7. The Vigil

8. Me262

9. Buck’s Boogie

10. Black Blade



11. Then Came The Last Days Of May

12. Godzilla

13. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper

14. Harvester Of Eyes

15. I Love The Night

16. Hot Rails To Hell

17. Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll



Eric Bloom - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser - Guitar, Vocals

Richie Castellano - Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals

Jules Radino - Drums, Percussion

Kasim Sulton - Bass Guitar, Vocals


"Cult Classic" Tracklisting & Line-up:

1. Don’t Fear The Reaper

2. E.T.I. (Extraterrestrial Intelligence)

3. M.E. 262

4. This Ain’t The Summer Of Love

5. Burning For You

6. O.D.’D On Life Itself

7. Flaming Telepaths

8. Godzilla

9. Astronomy

10. Cities On Flame With Rock ‘N’ Roll

11. Harvester Of Eyes

12. Buck’s Boogie

13. Don’t Fear The Reaper (TV Mix)

14. Godzilla (TV Mix)



- Eric Bloom - lead vocals, stun guitar, keyboards, producer

- Donald 'Buck Dharma' Roeser - lead guitar, vocals, keyboards, producer

- Allen Lanier - keyboards, rhythm guitar, backing vocals

- Jon Rogers - bass, backing vocals

- Chuck Burgi - drums, percussion, backing vocals




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