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Shaolin Chamber 36 Giveaway Season Begins!

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1st Contest

This first contest is designed for Facebook users.

Click here for more info.



2nd Contest

Second Contest: SC36 Forum Members

Starting at 12:00 am Monday May 28 - 12:00 am Wednesday May 30 (Pacific Time), all you need to do is make 1 post here on the forum, in any section, create a New Topic or Reply to a post, that's it! Please make the post count, a single word reply or anything with no real substance will not do.

A few suggestions:

  • Leave some feedback in the 'Feedback' section of the forum.

  • Share a Youtube video or any other online video with the members here on the forum, martial arts related or not, in the 'Videos' section.

  • If you have yet to introduce yourself to your fellow Disciples here on the forum, do so in the 'Allow Me to Introduce Myself' thread in the General Topics section.

  • List your Top 10 Old School Kung Fu Movies in the following thread.

  • Simply reply to ANY post here on the forum.

This contest is just get more people involved on the forum, in a effort to bring our community of Fu fans closer together, and let's all talk some FU (and other things).

On Wednesday, I will then pick a person from all those that participated in the contest, and they will have their choice from this weeks prizes.

infoM.pngIf you are reading this post as a Guest, and do plan on registering here on the forum, PLEASE email me at shaolinchamber36@gmail.com with the name you registered with, so I can activate your account immediately! Thank you.

WINNER: bruceleeclones

3rd Contest

Simply visit my site, www.shaolinchamber36.com, and leave a comment on ANY post on the site. This contest will run from 12:00 am May 30 - 12:00 am June 1. I will randomly select a winner on Friday.

Thank you.

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1st Contest:

36 Styles Photo Sharing (Facebook)



Prize Chosen:

Dragon Dynasty Double Feature DVD - Golden Swallow/Killer Clans

2nd Contest:

SC36 Forum Participation



Prize Chosen:

Dragon Dynasty Double Feature DVD - Golden Swallow/Killer Clans

3rd Contest:

Shaolin Chamber 36 Website Post


Gary Goodwin

Prize Chosen:

Black Belt Magazine: Bruce Lee Special Collector's Issue

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June 4th


Simply share the 'Born Invincible' t-shirt post/image on your timeline. Comment on this posting saying "Done", so I know you've done it, and that's it. You can ALSO share this link -> http://www.shaolinchamber36.com/born-invincible/ on Twitter, Forums, your own website, anywhere online, but you will then need to provide the link of where you shared it, either via private message here on Facebook, as a comment here, or via email at shaolinchamber36@gmail.com


If chosen as the winner, you will have your choice from any of the 20 Dragon Dynasty DVD's listed.

BONUS PRIZE: You will also be awarded the brand new 'Born Invincible' t-shirt in the size of your choice.

This contest will actually end on Wednesday, June 6th. A new contest will still begin tomorrow as well. Good Luck.


Kristy Von Solo

June 5th


Name the film in which this screencap was taken from. Submit your answer to me at shaolinchamber36@gmail.com, with the subject "June 5th Contest". Only 1 guess per person. Only people with the correct answer will have their name entered in the drawing.


A DVD of your choice from the select list.

This contest will end in 24 hours.


Anthony Hickman


June 7th


Since I skipped a day, June 6th, I will pick 2 winners from this one. The only thing you have to do, is provide feedback. Simply send me a email at shaolinchamber36@gmail.com stating which of the 36 Styles t-shirts (designs) is your favorite, it doesn't matter if you own any of them, you can pick one just based on the images of the shirts. And if you can, please explain why.

From all those that provide me this most valuable feedback, I will assign each person a number, then I will use a random number generator to pick 2 winners.

You can view all 36 Styles t-shirts here.


The Limited Edition Invincible Armour t-shirt is not featured on this page, but you can choose this one as well.


The 2 selected winners will be able to choose a DVD of their choice from the select list of Dragon Dynasty titles.

June 12th


Provide me with a link to a website that is based on martial arts films, whether it be movie reviews, or blog like post, it could even be your very own site/blog. I will use this info to build a Links Chamber on my site, and hopefully be able to list a decent selection of sites of similar interest to Shaolin Chamber 36.

A few sites that are not needed for submission, Kung Fu Cinema, Far East Films, HKCinemagic, Reel East, Clones of Bruce Lee ... just to name a few that I am already aware of and have noted.

You can submit the links to me at shaolinchamber36@gmail.com


I will randomly pick 1 person as the winner. This person will get to pick a DVD from the select list of Dragon Dynasty titles, and as small bonus prize, they will receive a set of 1500th Anniversary of the Shaolin Temple stamp set. http://goo.gl/zz0yy

Even if you don't collect stamps, being a fan of the genre, having anything to do with the Shaolin Temple in your collection should be a welcomed addition.

I will let this run until Friday, in which then, I will select a winner. Another contest will be added tomorrow.

June 16



Read the instructions in the image.

To submit a entry, go the the home page of http://www.shaolinchamber36.com, on the right side, click the image that states "Submit A Review - In 36 Words or Less", fill out all fields, including your rating, then click the 'Submit' button. Only entries that are in fact 36 WORDS OR LESS will be acceptable. There is a live word counter that displays the amount of words used as you type.


A Dragon Dynasty DVD of your choice, A Hwang Jang Lee poster by Kung Fu Bob, and a 36 Styles t-shirt of your choice.


The more reviews you submit, the better your chances are for winning the contest.

This contest will run until June 24th. Good Luck!


Travis Else

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