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'The 5 Deadly Venoms', Comedic Version!

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Here is a "custom" dub put to the Shaw Brothers classic film, 'The 5 Deadly Venoms'. It is intended to be funny, watch and judge for yourself. This is Part 1 of 11.




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Dull. Whoever wasted their time coming up with this crap oughta rethink his life.


LOL. Sorry you had to sit through that and were probably waiting for the "funny" part to come up, and I guess for you it never did. You did only watch Part 1 right? :smile

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Yeah, SMK, all I managed was part 1 - if i ventured any further into that mess I would've been begging you to drop a scorpion down my drawers to kill me more quickly.

In fact, what with wacky dubs and subs, the comedy factor, intended or not, is almost always part-and-parcel of KF flix.

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