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I would like to thank everyone who was able to make a donation for the purpose of obtaining new features for the forum. The donation goal was met rather quickly and we here at Kung Fu Fandom can not thank you enough for the support. The plan is once the new site is up and running, the focus will then turn to the forum on updating and adding these new features and we will continue to strive to make your time spent here on the forum as enjoyable as possible. _/|\_


Top 10 Old School Kung Fu Movies

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1. Enter the Dragon

2. Way of the Dragon

3. Chinese Connection

4. 36th Chamber of Shaolin

5. Heroes of the East

6. 5 Deadly Venoms

7. Shogun Assassin

8. Game of Death

9. Bruce Lee - The Man, The Myth

10. The Big Brawl.

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In no particular order:

Shaolin Vs Wu Tang

Shaolin Challenges Ninja

The 36 Chamber of Shaolin

The Avenger Eagle

Shaolin Mantis

Invincible Shaolin

Chinese Connection

Mad Monkey Kung fu

7 Grandmasters

The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter


5 fingers of Death

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Excluding any Shaw or GH titles:


 In no particular order :

Legend of a Fighter 

7 Grand Masters 

Drunken Master

Master of The Flying Guillotine 

The Odd Couple

Fearless Dragons

The Victim 

The Iron Dragon Strikes Back 

Showdown At The Cotton Mill

Rebellious Reign


This list could change like your socks though...


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My top 10 is in no particular order.


The Young Master

8 Diagram Pole Fighter

Heroes of the East

Return to the 36th Chamber

The Victim

Snake in the Eagles Shadow

Drunken Master

Magnificent Butcher

Dirty Ho

Fist of Fury 




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