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My wife just agreed to finally let me display my collection on the wall. I haven't been collecting that long, so I don't even have a fraction of what some of you have. But it got me curious how you all keep your dvds. Are they in a closet, hidden? Or do you display them somehow?


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The photos are from 2012 so my collection doesn't look exactly like this anymore (I've sold well over 100 discs), and the dvds are in Finland, but anyway...

1. Japan


2. Hong Kong, Korea etc. + Non-Asian


And then in more detail

1.1 Japan A (Old school action + pinku + anime)


top: High School Action Box Sets (Rebellion League of Girls in Sailor Uniform + Sukeban Deka x 3)

bottom: Toei DVDs: Delienquent Girl Boss (4) + Red Peony Gambler (8) + Truck Yaro (10) + Terrifying Girls' High School (3) + Sukeban (5) + Etsuko Shihomi (6) + Yusaku Matsuda (9)



top: Teruo Ishii (11) + random (2) + Sonny Chiba (21)

bottom: Kinji Fukasaku (16) + pinky violence



top: Hideo Gosha (11) + Rika (3) + Hanzo (3) + Lone Wolf (6) + Mikogami (3) + random (3) + Lady Snowblood (2) + random + Godzilla + random

middle: Nikkatsu action films + Zatoichi + idol films and remaining high school action (Shoujo Commando Izumi, Hana no Asuka gumi...)

bottom: Nikkatsu roman porno + modern pink + random + Akira Kurosawa + anime


1.2 Japan B (Drama and contempotary cinema)


top: box sets

bottom: Nobuhiro Yamashita (8) + Shinji Somai (9) + Jun Ichikawa (3) + Hiroshi Ishikawa (3) + Hideaki Anno (3) + Ryuchi Hiroki (7) + random



top: random (9) + Toshiyaki Toyoda (4) + Isao Yukisada (3) random (3) + Sion Sono (11) + Shunji Iwai (11)

bottom: Mamoru Oshii live action (4) + Takashi Ishii (8) + Takeshi Kitano (11) + Shinya Tsukamoto (4) + random



Takashi Miike (10) + random horror, action and others (sushi typhoon etc)


2. Hong Kong, Korea etc. + Non-Asian


top: Bruce Lee + HKL + Jackie Chan

bottom: Shaw Brothers + classic martial arts



top: Jackie Chan continued + Johnnie To + John Woo + random modern action

bottom: 80's & 90's action and martial arts + CAT III



top: Taiwan, Wong Kar Wai, Korea

bottom: Italian & French good movies + random



Games + BDs + cool films





3.1: Unwatched DVDs


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That's a really nice collection you have, Takuma.

My DVDs are a bit spread out throughout my room in various areas:

- the Jane Austen corner has movies and TV series based on Jane Austen's novels along with various Jane Austen related books (her novels essentially)

- the Asian corner is a shelf with the Asian movies (HK, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Thailand...), along with Asian-cinema related books (a couple of books on Bruce Lee notably) and folded posters (which I would put on a wall if I had more room)

- the non-Asian corner is another shelf with the American and European movies (there's also the movie Wadjda, though I guess its country of origin - Saudi Arabia - counts as Asia technically) as well as a few books on cinema in general (like one dealing with science-fiction cinema) and on non-Asian cinema (a book on Stanley Kubrick)

- the music corner has the music-related DVDs (concerts, documentaries, video collections...)

- the boxset corner has the big sets - part of it can be seen on this picture:


- the unwatched material is a couple of stacks on my desk - there's a LOT of stuff in there, I want to try and make it shrink this year

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I actually struggle quite a bit. I live in Brooklyn so it's not exactly like I have a huge place with storage haha. Additionally, I have huge bookshelves already filled with, well, books and also records, so much of my dvd collection is actually at my brother's place in my hometown and I'm worried I'll never have the space for 'em.

I currently work at DC Comics so I've been keeping all of my comics displayed in my office, but now the company is moving to California (and I won't be joining) so I've been bringing all of my books home...but there wasn't even room for ONE more book so I just have them stacked until I can figure out the better way to set everything up in my apartment. I also don't want to totally take over all the wallspace from my boyfriend!

Takuma - Your collection looks great! I love the way you have some in the drawers and then some displayed, I might steal that idea haha. Well organized and nice looking, I'm jealous! Also I totally have that Elvis jacket Bubba Ho-Tep, I love it haha.

That said, my blu rays are all together on a shelving unit and alphabetized regardless of genre. My dvds are mostly stacked in the closet though, with the discs in a jacket to access more easily. I do have a shelving unit that's waist high and broken up into four squares, and I use this to display my favorite editions of books, comics, classic cinema, and one square is dedicated to martial arts movies.

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Yeah I don't have much of a DVD collection these days...back about 13 years ago, I had two bookshelves full of them but due to the recession, was forced to sell most of it. I do have to say I love my Blu-Ray Collection so far. Totally butt-kicking! I have a photo of that on my cell phone (upload later LOL). Also have a collection of VCDs, a small stack of DVDs at the moment, and a closet full of VHS tapes...and yes, I mean literally a closet full of VHS tapes. I have the photo of my VHS collection on my Instagram (AlbertV1979 for those who are interested)....and yes, I do have a working VCR LOL :) I also have a stack of VCDs as well.

I was in New York, but for the past seven years, living in Central Florida, but thanks to my writing and all, I get advanced copies of BRs and DVDs for reviews these days so they help build my collection :)

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I store nearly all my DVD's on shelves and book cases. Some people I know who are bigger collectors use DVD storage wallets to help save space.

There's some great pictures of collections been posted:smile:. All displayed very well,

if only I was that organized.

When I moved in with my girlfriend this year I had to leave 90% of my collection at my parents house. It did get to the point where I just didn't have the space for everything. There's also other stuff I collect which takes up space too.

When I was in my teen years I tried to display everything I bought from posters,magazines & books to DVDs and VHS etc. Then as I got older it just wasn't practical and I had to put some stuff into storage or give it away/sell it. I need some new book cases as my current ones are full up. I need to stop picking up cheap books in thrift stores.

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Nice VHS collection Drunken Monk (nice to see the Shanghai Express title on VHS, I wasn't sure). Awesome collection overall Takuma (though it was what I was expecting :D, except God of Gamblers in the unwatched pile.)

My collection (I do have quite a bit) is a bit disorganized though thinking of the Shakespearean quote: "Though this be madness, yet there is method in it." When I move I'm going to have them better organized for display.

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Drunken Monk I never would have thought you have so many VHS. How long have you been collecting those? Albert and Kingofkung your collections are exactly as I imagined them. Albert your collection looks a bit like mine, except my stacks aren't nearly that tall. I only have one bookshelf that i can store 200-300 DVDs, so I've had to be creative with the rest and I've made DVD shelves out of DVDs. I took a pic of a few of my walls of DVDs but I'm not sure how to post it. I only post from my phone.

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Great looking collection! I love the way you vary how you display everything, as opposed to just lined up on shelves. Love all the Marvel stuff, too!

Hey - I thought you were a DC gal. :wink:

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