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I would like to thank everyone who was able to make a donation for the purpose of obtaining new features for the forum. The donation goal was met rather quickly and we here at Kung Fu Fandom can not thank you enough for the support. The plan is once the new site is up and running, the focus will then turn to the forum on updating and adding these new features and we will continue to strive to make your time spent here on the forum as enjoyable as possible. _/|\_

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Kung Fu DVD's for sale...OOP

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Selling the rest of my KF movie collection. Post them here for a few days before I throw them up on ebay. Most of these are all OOP....and in like new condition. Come in their original case and cover art. PM if you are interested...Im in the US

King Of The Kickboxers - R2 Imperial

Arhats In Fury - Tai Seng

Carry On Pickpocket - Deltamac

Heroes Among Heroes - World Video

Iceman Cometh - Universe

Kick Boxer (Yuen Biao)

Dragon Lord - Universe

One Arm Hero - Tai Seng

Sam The Iron Bridge - Tai Seng

Seventh Curse - Universe

On The Run - Deltamac vcd

Skinny Tiger, Fatty Dragon - Mei Ah

Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog - Mei Ah

The Warlords (Jet Li) - Sp Ed w/booklet Megastar R3

Royal Tramp Collection - Dragon Dynasty

Running On Karma - Tai Seng

Scorpion King - HKL

Born Invincible -Xenon

Mr. Vampire - Fortune Star

7 Grandmasters - Tokyo Shock

Rebellious Reign - VA

Invincible Armour - VA

Two Toothless Tigers - Red Sun

Shaolin Drunkard - GZ

Taoism Drunkard - Crash

Kung Fu Zombie - GZ

Hot, Cool & The Vicious -World Video

Drunken Tai Chi/Dynamo - GZ

Drunken Dragon - Rarescope

Buddhist Fist - Tai Seng

Swordsman - Megastar

Swordsman 2 - Mei Ah

Bride With White Hair - Universe

A Touch Of Zen - Tai Seng

Red Cliff 1 & 2 - Mei Ah

Butterfly Sword (Comet, Butterfly & Sword) - Tai Seng

Chinese Ghost Story - Megastar

Chinese Ghost Story 2 & 3 - Megastar VCD

The Sword - Deltamac

Blu Ray:

Wind Blast

City Under Siege

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