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Selling My Collection: Remastered Shaw's

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Getting rid of the rest of my collection of MA films...starting with my Shaw Brother's dvd's. Figured I'd give my old friends a shot at them before I dump them on ebay. These are all original Celestial remastered versions of the films. From my personal collection and in perfect condition. Most have been watched only once and some not at all. Not really looking to trade....maybe for blu rays. PM me if interested in titles and I'll reply with pricing. Btw Im located in the US.

Here's the list:

8 Diagram Pole Fighter - IVL

36th Chamber Of Shaolin - IVL

Avenging Eagle - IVL

Bells Of Death - Image

Boxer's Omen - Image

Clan Of The White Lotus - IVL

Deadly Breaking Sword - IVL

Death Duel - IVL

Disciples Of The 36th Chamber - IVL (vcd)

Dirty Ho - IVL

Human Lanterns - Image

Invincible Shaolin - Siren

Heroes Of The East - IVL

King Boxer - Dragon Dynasty

Kung Fu Instructor - IVL

Legendary Weapons Of China - IVL

Mad Monkey Kung Fu - IVL

Magic Blade - Image

Martial Club - IVL

Martial Arts OF Shaolin - IVL

My Young Auntie - IVL

One Armed Swordsman Trilogy - IVL Boxset

Return To The 36th Chamber - IVL

Shaolin Prince - IVL

Sword Of Swords - IVL

I have 3 Celestial IVL titles I bought that turned out to be boots. Decent quality, case and cover art, with all the features found on early IVL releases. Will give these free to anybody who purchases titles and asks for them:

Blood Brothers

Magic Blade

Drunken Monkey

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