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DOGFIGHT - Latest short film from LBP Stunts Chicago!

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Hey all, just wanted to share our latest. We started this back in July, but due to scheduling problems, and only being able to be free for one day per week (due to us working gigs in between), we ended up taking until November to finish this, across 13 days. It's been a long road, but I hope you enjoy what we tried to come up with, and if not, thank you for your time checking it out! :)


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Great stuff as always! Loved the little twist at the end. Neat way to play with the viewer's assumption and perspective. :bigsmile: There were some really good exchanges; the impacts were killer; and it's full of some great kicks! Still wishing you dudes would compile a dvd. I could watch these kinds of short films all day!:xd:

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