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List of classic MA films with Pink Floyd music?

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So, I was listening to the live version of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon today, when I was thinking... "Damn, there were a lot of 70s martial arts films that just used Pink Floyd music whenever they damn well pleased". This also got me thinking about trying to put together a list of classic MA films that used PF music and which tracks. I'll give it a shot and start with ones off the top of my head (this will also include Shaw Bros films, just to be "all inclusive"). I'll start with the film that caught my attention with Pink Floyd first, The Big Boss:

-The Big Boss:

1. "Time" (only in Cantonese tracks as well as late 90s 5.1 Mandarin remix for Universe Laser DVD - peppered throughout this version)

2. "The Grand Vizier's Garden Party (Entertainment)" (Opening was used in two segments of the Japanese version - as present on the Japanese soundtrack - while a later segment of the track was mixed with "Time" in the Cantonese version as Hsiu Chien and Ah Pei try to leave Hsiao Mi's mansion)

3. "The Grand Vizier's Garden Party (Entrance)" (Drumroll/cymbal hit ending also mixed in with the above two tracks in the Cantonese version right before the fight with Hsiu Chien and Ah Pei against the henchmen)

4. "Obscured by Clouds" (Used twice in the Cantonese version - Once after Hsiu and Cheng leave the gambling den and are stalked by the bouncers, then later when we first meet Hsiao Mi as his son is training)

-Bruce Lee: The Man and The Legend:

1. "One of These Days" (Plays several times in the film, but most prominently in the Game of Death footage)

2. "On The Run" (Plays during the Sai Fong photoshoot segment)

-Fist of Unicorn:

1. "One of These Days"

-Exit the Dragon, Enter the Tiger:

1. "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" (Plays when "Dragon" is sneaking around a hotel room... I think, been a while since I've seen it last!)

-The Delinquent:

1. "Astronomy Domine" (Plays at least once during the final battle)

2. "The Grand Vizier's Garden Party (Entertainment)" (Mixed in as part of the film's main theme)

I'm sure there's plenty more, but these were just off the top of my head as I'm procrastinating working on something else :tongue:

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One of these days used in:

Snakey knight fight against mantis

Roaring Lion.

played live:

Echoes is used in a lot of movies from early 70's from HK and Taiwan

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Love the Floyd. Hope this thread gets some posts as it would be interesting to see a list. In Chinatown Kid (not sure about the IVL but definitely the Southgate release), there was a PF'ish type melody that repeated several times though I could never put my finger on the exact song.

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Over the past year or so I've been making it a habit of writing down all the music I recognize in all the Hong Kong / Taiwan films I watch. These are the ones I've found that have some Pink Floyd in them that I've seen during this time:

April Fool (Come in Number 51, Your Time is Up - Zabriskie Point)

Bedeviled, The (Echoes Meddle)

Chinatown Capers (The Grand Vizier's Garden Party - Ummagumma)

Chinatown Capers (When You're In - Obscured By Clouds)

Delinquint, The (The Grand Vizier's Garden Party - Ummagumma)

Delinquint, The (Astronomy Domine - Ummagumma)

Gambling For Gold (The Grand Vizier's Garden Party - Ummagumma)

Gambling For Gold (Astronomy Domine - Ummagumma)

Gambling For Gold (Atom Heart Mother - Atom Heart Mother)

Happenings, The (Echoes - Meddle)

Happenings, The (Absolutely Curtains - Obscured By Clouds)

Hunchback, The (One of These Days - Meddle)

Kung Fu Inferno (Echoes - Meddle)

Legends of Lust (Heart Beat, Pig Meat - Zabriskie Point)

Operation White Shirt (Time - Dark Side of the Moon)

Operation White Shirt (On the Run - Dark Side of the Moon)

Pier, The (Time - Dark Side of the Moon)

Roaring Lion, The (One of These Days - Meddle)

Tales of Larceny (Careful With That Axe, Eugene)

Tiger Jump (Time - Dark Side of the Moon)

Training Camp (Atom Heart Mother - Atom Heart Mother)

Young Rebel, The (On the Run - Dark Side of the Moon)

Young Rebel, The (Time - Dark Side of the Moon)

I think I remember hearing a part of A Saucerful of Secrets in Furious Avenger, but I would have to go back and re-watch it to be sure.

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It isn't Floyd, but 'Mercenaries From Hong Kong' uses a Blue Oyster cult song throughout & it's pretty cool - better than Blue Oyster Cult did it at the very least!

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