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Outlaw (2010)

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Homicide detective Oh Jeong Su (Kam Woo Seong) is investigating a series of brutal murders that occured without valid reason, where all the victims are females. Together with fellow detective So Young (Jang Sin Yeong) they decide to track down the killer which is still on the loose.

During the process he meets with Ji Hyun (Lee Seung Min), the only female surviving victim who has been badly traumatised from previous incident and soon falls in love with her. As their love grow, more misfortune are facing them and for the sake of revenge Oh decides to deal with the killer outside the law...

Has anyone seen this movie it sounds pretty good.


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Has anyone else seen this? (OAB?)

I've had this in my Netflix queue for a while and finally watched it today.

Synopsis: A police detective is so empathetic with the victims of horrific crimes, he takes vigilante actions to serve the criminals justice.

Meh. It starts off quite good, but then lags in the middle. The ending is quite drawn out and while ironically interesting, I found it to be anticlimactic. Some of the police proceedings are completely unbelievable, bordering on the ridiculous for me.



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I never did watch this one, as I seem to remember at the time of its release most of the reviews were luke-warm at best.

For a similarly themed revenge thriller that you can't go wrong with, I'd go for 'I Saw the Devil'. In terms of pure visceral impact it's difficult to beat, and follows through all the way to the end.

The lead actor of 'Outlaw', Kam Woo-seong, is also in a few movies which are well worth checking out. The period drama 'The King and the Clown' (2005), and the horror war movie 'R-Point' (2004), being stand outs.

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