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Guest ladieskiller101

Looking for Clothes, actors and actresses!!!

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Guest ladieskiller101

Hey guys and gals,

I searched around the internet to repare for my up coming movie, and i found this site. So, i thought it's a good idea to post here what i am looking for. Who knows, i might get some helps from y'all here! :b

I am going to make a movie like ancient time movies that they make in Hong Kong. And, right now i am living in America. My main problem is that i couldn't find the right clothes for actors and actresses. I couldn't find it anywhere and didn't know what it called either. So, if any guys and gals here have any ideas or can point me to a right direction, i'd be greatly apreciated. Feel free to email me at ladieskiller101@yahoo.com if you have any inputs. Thanks.

Another question is that i am looking for those who live near Little Saigon that'd like to act in my movie. Please email me and let me know how to contact you. This movie is mainly for fun, however, i am majoring in movie industry, so this movie can be very important in my portfolio. If it turns out as good as i expect, it will be in the film festival somedays.;)

Please email me if you can help me on this. thanks and please don't think i am trying to impress anything. I am just trying to see if i am capable to do things like this. Your help would be really helpful for me to deternmine my future goal. Thanks. Peace!@!!

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