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  1. LongWangBastard

    Shaw Brothers IVL dvds with slipcase for sale

    I think now they are available worldwide
  2. LongWangBastard

    Shaw Brothers IVL dvds with slipcase for sale

    Thank you ShawAngela, I have to figure out how to ship worldwide on ebay...
  3. Hi, I have 23 IVL celestial dvds for sale on ebay. 19 with slipcase, 4 without. These are doubles in my collection. Perfect condition. First 7 dvds are already on ebay, the rest will follow later this week. Link: https://benl.ebay.be/usr/stijcoppen-0 If you have IVL versions for trade, let me know. Greetz
  4. LongWangBastard

    The Legendary Collection Region 0 Fortune Star

    I was looking for the ones with Angela Mao. I missed her collection box which is oop, rare and too expensive now. Thanks for your info, I think I try a few titles.
  5. Hello everyone, Can someone give me information about the image transfers and allround quality of the dvd titles by this company?? They have quite a few movies I would love to buy. Can you compare the quality to celestial or HKL? Thanks in advance Stijn