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    Behind the scenes...

    That doesn't look like Dee Dee. Jet's main doubles on OUTAIC were Hung Yan-yan (as mentioned above) and Tony Ling Chi-wah. The man in this photo looks like Paco Yick Tin-hung. Paco definitely worked on the third OUATIC film. Perhaps this photo is from that.
  2. Pomson Shi & Chan Sau Chung are both high level practitioners of Tai Sing Pek Kwar - which is indeed a monkey style. Other famous students of this style include Anthony Wong and Chen Kwan Tai
  3. Seven Golden

    What happened to Bey Logan?

    Publish the interview!
  4. Seven Golden

    Behind the scenes...

    @Drunken Monk That's film critic & TV reporter Paul Fonoroff doing a report from the set of Tai Chi Master. Paul had acting roles in movies like OUATIC2 and Lawyer, Lawyer.