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  1. TheToppestFight

    A Serious Shock! Yes Madam! (1993)

    The mouth stab scene was the real shocker for me when I first saw it years ago on a subtitled VHS tape! Guess I'll keep my fingers crossed that that version will show up one day in a subtitled copy with a decent picture quality...
  2. TheToppestFight

    Beyond Hypothermia (1996)

    I guess I just never came across the Mei Ah DVD for sale online... Saw it many years ago on VHS and always wanted to see it again but for some reason just don't like to see things dubbed unless they are certain kinds of kung fu films...
  3. TheToppestFight

    Beyond Hypothermia (1996)

    I've been wanting to find an English subtitled version of this film for years. Are the versions under discussion here subtitled, or dubbed in English? (Sorry for my ignorance...)
  4. TheToppestFight

    A Serious Shock! Yes Madam! (1993)

    I love Moon Lee's "overacted" playing against type in this film (and some real "shocks" connected with it), and Yukari getting to play a non-villain role. I think it makes some difference if you see the uncut version - I gather there were a number of cuts-for-content in the Taiwan version that NoKUNGFUforYu has nicely subtitled. If only a decent uncut version would turn up one of these days (instead of old VHS or VCD rips), then I'll be one happy camper!
  5. Same thing here - very excited especially about the GWG (Girls with Guns) titles that never got a good widescreen subtitled release that I was able to locate, in the past!