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  1. Do definitely track down Deadly Trap! _ its really good fun! I enjoyed it more than some of the official Shaw's Venom Mob movies ( No Lo Meng or Sun Chien in it though sadly) But the other three main Venoms all in fine form. There is a Tai Seng DVD of it, but I don't think its widescreen. I have some poor quality digital copies of both english dub and original taiwanese mandarin if you struggle to find it let me know and I'll send you the mp4 files.
  2. This is fantastic news! Dexter Fletcher is great. Grew up watching him when he was just a kid actor in Bugsy Malone ( babyface!) and Press Gang and remember him hosting gamesmaster (the UK's only computer games related TV show for most of my youth) Stoked he's getting a second wind as a Director these days. keen to see what he does with this..
  3. Mindhunter - Season2 - Binged all 9 episodes of Season2 over the weekend after it dropped on Netflix on the 16th August. (I should maybe point out first that I'm possibly massively biased in digging on virtually everything David Fincher has ever directed / been attached to, but we really, really enjoyed this.) No spoilers here (yet)as well aware some folks may not have had a chance to get into the series so far - but highly recommend both seasons. In my very humble ( and as aforementioned, rather biased) view, its the strongest series Netflix has made thus far. Really hoping viewing figures are good enough to allow us to get a S3.
  4. The Shadow Boxing 1979 - AKA Spiritual Boxer 2 - Though not really a sequel at all, but lots of the same cast members as before,with some very welcome additions. I enjoyed this way more than The Spiritual Boxer ( which I also really like) but think this is a way stronger and more focused narrative, as much as i dig on the CKT, Ti Lung intro in Spiritual Boxer, it exists entirely outside of the main story and is never revisited. The Shadow Boxing has a much more entertaining story, way better action sequences and 100% more Hopping Vampires or 'JiangShi', which is always fun Lau Chia Wing / Lau Gar Yung joins the cast as Wang Yu's master, both playing 'corpse herders' whose job it is to help bring bodies of those who have died away from their hometown back home. This is achieved by the use of spells to reanimate the corpses, who will hop along after whomever has channeled them using the appropriate spell ( usually written in red on yellow paper) Whilst moving a group of 9 Jiangshi back to various locations, one particular bald vampire ( played with relish by Gordon Liu / Liu Chia Hui) starts acting ever more weirdly, and ignoring the spells cast upon him, causing more and more distress for Wang Yu and his friend (and eventual apprentice) Cecilia Wong. After his master is hurt during a gambling match gone bad, its up to Wang Yu and Cecilia Wong to transfer the remaining Vampires without their sifu's help and to discover not every vampire they are herding is what they appear to be Hoi Sang Lee shows up again ( as in Spiritual Boxer) again as a villain, this time facing off against Liu Chia Hui's deadly Eagles Claw. Absolutely worth a watch if you've not checked it out, amazon prime and itunes both have digital copies available. 8/10
  5. Scroll further up the page for more info on the Boys, yes, it's based on a comic book....by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. not really horror. You don't have to read the source material first.
  6. Love on Delivery (1994) - We watched this last night, one of Stephen Chow's early Shaw Brothers produced comedies, starring Christy Chung ( one of her first HK movies) For fans of Chow, most of his crew are present here, Ng Man Tat, Gabriel Wong, Wong Yut Fei all make appearances (along with a random cameo by Jacky Cheung) Chow plays food delivery courier 'Ang Ho-Kam' who after being fleetingly used by Christy Chung's 'Lily' to help deflect unwanted advances by her Judo teacher falls for her and after being told by Lily that she hates 'weak, pathetic men' is tricked into learning a variety of Kung Fu styles ( riffing on a mix of other Japanese and HK movie references from Ultraman to the Iron Palm techniques from King Boxer and a stack more) by store owner Tat ( played with relish by the awesome Ng Man Tat) Chow saves Lily and 'defeats' her Judo teacher who is being super pushy after having his advances turned down once again whilst masked but loads of other guys step forward trying to take credit for his actions, causing her to briefly fall for new Karate teacher Lau Tuen Shui (played by Ben Lam) The film builds to an inevitable fight between Chow and Lam. I'm missing several beats here, but they're too random to explain out of context, its very much Chow's usual brand of Slapstick comedy and pop culture refs (there's a parody of Terminator used for Chow's first appearance in the film) It was pretty funny, up there with Chow's other notable Shaw Brothers release..Look Out Officer, I enjoyed it more than the Fight Back To School series. well worth a watch, not one I'll go back to again for a few years at least, but if you enjoyed Shaolin Soccer or Kung Fu Hustle, its worth a look. 7/10
  7. Thank you @TheKungFuRobber ๐Ÿ‘ Great work!! Most appreciated
  8. And thanks also due to you @ShawAngela for sorting me out with some missing holes in my Shaw's Collection ๐Ÿ™ Received The Master, Sword Stained with Royal Blood and Legend of The Fox, all swiftly posted and sent well packaged. Much appreciated ( and highly recommended!) Merci / Thank you / Dojeh / Xie Xie ๐Ÿ‘
  9. The Boys - Season 1 - Streaming on Amazon Prime. Based ( pretty closely) on Volume 1 of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's excellent Graphic Novel of the same name, we just binged our way through all 8 episodes of this over two nights. A really, really compelling show and a great remedy to anybody getting somewhat fatigued by the Disney-fication of the MCU. Story definitely takes center place here over VFX ( which there is still a fair amount of but all pretty well handled) For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, I'll keep this mostly spoiler free, but essentially its a very Watchmen-esque take on Superheroes and the anti-heroes out to take them all down. The 'Superheroes' in the Boys are (mostly) all corporate backed, massively flawed and utterly obnoxious - all pretty close approximations of existing Marvel and DC characters, 'Homelander' a very self righteous mix of Captain America and Superman 'Queen Maive' - a nod towards Wonder Woman 'A Train ' - Essentially The Flash 'The Deep' - Aquaman 'Translucent' - The Invisible Man Black Noir - Snake eyes from GI Joe 'lamplighter' - Green Lantern basically - we never really see this one, but he's made reference to as he has just died and is to be replaced by.... Starlight - The one and only decent person amongst the group - newly recruited to the Seven.. All are given quite a twist into a way, way darker territories and all in all a pretty nasty group of individuals, presented as the 'Seven' they routinely appear on TV promoting heavily branded merchandise and are expected to all serve their corporate masters in every regard. Facing off against them are the 'Boys' (led by good ol' Judge Dredd himself.... ) Karl Urban as Butcher, the group leader ( I think trying to do his best British accent, but still sounding very New Zealand throughout) who is joined in episode 1 by rather unwilling new recruit Little Hughey ( played extremely well by Jack Quaid, who I'd personally not seen in anything before, think he is in the Hunger Games) he reluctantly joins forces with Butcher ( and the other two Boys, Weapons expert 'Frenchie' and ex army black ops operative 'Mothers Milk') after a member of the Seven causes the death of his girlfriend Robin. I don't want to give too much away as i feel going into the show with as little pre-knowledge of the universe it creates will be a plus, but I absolutely can't recommend it highly enough. Well, well worth a binge watch! It was greenlight for season2 before it even aired, very intrigued to see where it goes, and its easily Amazon's strongest show to date. 10/10
  10. I've not yet mate no, the synopsis sounds decent though! will track it down! Cheers
  11. solid write up! Great work @DragonClaws ๐Ÿ‘ This was easily the best thing I've seen Michael J White in since his starring turn in Black Dynamite and his little cameo in The Dark Knight.
  12. cool, thanks for the recommendation @Tex Killer I'll definitely track it down! I really like Kara Wai / Hui Ying Hung
  13. LiuYiLong

    72 x Kung Fu / HK DVD's for Sale (UK)

    Hi, Just sent you a PM
  14. Working through filling the gaps in the Venom Mob films I've yet to see list this week... Legend Of the Fox - Had heard mixed things about this so was unsure about it going in, but absolutely loved it! Wikipedia states the plot as this. 'It tells the story of a young man named Hu Fei, as he escapes the rain with his uncle. Whilst theyโ€™re undercover and Fei is looking after his sick uncle, a group of men walk in that Feiโ€™s uncle recognizes. He then tells Fei the story of how is father was killed. So, Hu Fei decides to seek revenge on those people.' That undersells it massively! Much of the film is told in flashback, the story of how the orphan's father and mother died making up the flashback sequence, a rare flipping of Chiang Sheng playing the villain and Lu Feng playing a hero Hu Yidao (father of the orphaned kid.) With an original mis-understanding leading him and The 'Golden Face Buddha' (Philip Kwok) to battle, but soon resulting in them befriending each other despite their ongoing daily fights, each day resulting in a draw, where they learn each others styles and generally get more brotherly in that way that Chang Cheh really seemed to adore Before our villain bribes the local Dr to poison their weapons causing Lu Feng to die, and his wife to take her own life. We flash forward to the now grown son of Lu Feng, played by Chin Siu-Ho aka The Flying Fox starts to take revenge on the Dr and make contact with Philip Kwok, who is blinded by yet more sneaky antics from Chiang Sheng - CSH heads off to find the antidote and ends up befriending/falling for a member of the 'Poison Clan' played by Wong May Yee, who helps him cure PK before taking her own life to save CSH. It all builds to a standoff between PK and CSH taking on Chiang Sheng and his men - some excellent battles throughout the whole film and a pretty memorable end for Chiang Sheng (cut in half in mid air!) I enjoyed this immensely! The story is pretty convoluted, but is based on the The Young Flying Fox by Louis Cha ( which I've not read) and just maybe feels more dense as so many of this era SB flicks didn't really have that complex narratives, the story was adapted by Chang Cheh regular collaborator Ni Kuang. No idea why this isn't more widely available! Absolutely worth a watch and if anybody happens to have a IVL DVD copy they don't want please DM me! It's one I want to add to my collection for sure.