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  1. leon00

    Ricky Baker's questionable business dealings!!

    November 2019 will see the launch of the Bruce Lee Forever online store. This will give an official platform to all books and magazines and more on Bruce Lee from 'On the Fly Productions Ltd.'I must sadly add that if anyone has paid money to either Eastern Heroes or its owner Rick Baker for any pre-order books/magazines from On The Fly Productions, we suggest you demand an immediate refund. This is due to Eastern Heroes and its owner Rick Baker now being disassociated with any of our products due to his under-handed practices of late, which have come to light. This, as you can imagine, came as a big shock and was without our knowledge and something we simply cannot be associated with for not only our reputation but most importantly the respect and care of our loyal customers.We have also launched our official distribution program for any prospective distributors. For our Japanese customers, all items will be available through 'Shop Imai' and our Hong Kong customers may contact the 'Bruce Lee Club' (HK)Moving forward, the soon-to-be-launched online store will feature all our exciting new products, and also some of our older magazines and books (while stocks last).-Steve Kerridge
  2. leon00

    Ricky Baker's questionable business dealings!!

    Steve and Darren were paid very little by Rick for doing the book and there hardwork (nearly 3 years of research & writing ) only worth $2-3 per book sold. They Really felt demoralized doing so much work but getting so little hard-earned money. Where does the rest of the profit goes to nobody knows because Ricky never showed his financial account of the MS book. Maybe Ricky had a drug or drinking problem who knows. Ricky said the cost was very high and the profit is very slim. Later, when many fans told Steve that Ricky have collected a lot of pre-orders without Steve's knowledge. Many lies finally burst, Ricky kept apologizing to Steve but Steve have no choice but decided to cut ties with him and set up the Amazon shop. It will be more transparent and easy for fans to just order from there in the future. Payment won't be an issue as well since Amazon will only take money. The worst is Ricky has caused Steve huge embarrassment in people thinking that he is involved in this to which most certainly he is not!Leon
  3. tell you a little story about Ricky Baker and things that I know...Steve no longer use Rick as sole distributor. He has been taking money on books that are not ready for release date. Its ok if there is a release date, but a lot of books never had definite dates. Rick collected a lot of money on these books behind Steve's back. Many fans complained about money being taken by Rick but books not delivered. Recently, Rick was caught and admitted his wrong doings because he's short of money. He's an unreliable book distributor,!Despite what Rick is telling you, please ask for refund in full... Frankly, iam also very disappointed on Eastern Heroes, but only thanks to Steve I have two out of three refunds back.He had no right to take our money like that I never order again at Eastern Heroes!Leon
  4. leon00

    Bamboo, Nunchucks & Dirty Footprints

    The Log scene was trimmed from the original GAME footage. It's in the GAME reel which HK actor/director Stephen Au Kam-Tong discovered it around 2006. So, it wasn't lost. Why it was not release? I guess a lot have to do with the copyright the issue with the Estate.
  5. leon00

    Bamboo, Nunchucks & Dirty Footprints

    Question for Alan Canvan, Ive you want to re-create, re-edited and re-scored the existing fight footage of GOD why didn't you ask Stephen Au for this he has all the GOD footage including the lost log scene... Everybody has een AWJ, Artport and HKL what make's this version better than the others, maybe the music and you did leave some BL footage out.... Leon
  6. leon00

    Bruce Lee photos - 1940 - 1973

  7. 1. Bruce Lee a life - Matthew Polly2. Bruce Lee The Silent Flute - Marcos Ocana3. Bruce Lee legends of the Dragon - Steve Kerridge4. Bruce Lee and I - Bey Logan5. Bruce Lee Memories from Dominican Republic - Marcos Ocana6. Bruce Lee the Singapore connection - Steve Kerridge
  8. leon00

    Bey Logan Bruce Lee and I book

    A few months ago I had read this book and what a book it is!I really enjoy the book and specialy the chapter finding the game...Bey told us how he discoverd Lee's lost Game of Death footage.. Also a great chapter is untold dragon tales a detailed story of Lee's unmade film projects..And another weird story regarding Lee's death.
  9. leon00

    Rare Bruce Lee's Winston TV ad photos

    Great pic Marcos!
  10. leon00

    Bruce Lee & his ETD unsung stuntmen

    Yes thats right, some pics are his others not.
  11. leon00

    Bruce's GOD note

  12. leon00

    Bruce Lee photos - 1940 - 1973