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  1. Huge shout-out to @ShawAngela for helping me get my hands on this Butterfly Lovers 40 DVD!
  2. I'd say The Perfumed Arrow (1966) and The Butterfly Chalice (1965) both have pretty decent fight scenes, but I enjoy Huangmei films for their own merit in general. Like @Secret Executioner said, they're an acquired taste, but they clicked with me from the start, maybe cause I'm a sucker for the musical aspect.
  3. LingBro


    @Koravec Not sure how deep you've dug into K-pop, but I would definitely recommend these: ToppDogg - Arario (2014) VIXX - Shangri-La (2017)
  4. LingBro


    I've been a K-pop fan since 2012 and have attended several concerts. I also visited South Korea back in 2014 which was a great experience. Are there any other fans here, either for 90's groups or the newer stuff? Here are two songs that were released this week: NCT 127 - Superhuman Lovelyz - When We Were Us (Beautiful Days) Or if you're more interested in the 90's groups, there are these two: H.O.T - We Are the Future (1997) Fin.K.L - To My Boyfriend (1998)
  5. LingBro

    Rock, Hard Rock, & Heavy Metal: An Appreciation Thread

    On the topic of female-led and all-female metal bands, here are some songs of Japanese bands I like: 矢島舞依 / Mai Yajima - Lunatic Isolation (symphonic power metal) Grand Finale - The Master of My Fate (symphonic power metal) Cross Vein - Graceful Gate (melodic power metal) Fate Gear - 7 Years Ago -Refrain- (heavy/power metal) 絶対倶楽部 / Zettai Club - 突進 (power metal) Velatria - Dorothy (heavy metal) Shadowy Infection - Regret in the Sky (neoclassical/power metal)
  6. The West Chamber (1965) Directed by Griffin Yueh Feng Starring Ivy Ling Po, Li Ching and Fang Ying
  7. In case anyone is interested, I recently put together a Letterboxd list of all the films mentioned in the documentary. Check it out here!
  8. I recently got three releases from Celestial Pictures. The Blue and the Black (1966, DVD) The Bride Napping (1962, DVD) The Warlord and the Actress (1964, VCD)
  9. Bullet Ballet is currently my favorite film. Which is saying a lot, considering how big of a fan I am of director Shinya Tsukamoto, who's best known for his cyberpunk classic Tetsuo: The Iron Man (1989). Last month I actually challenged myself to watch Bullet Ballet once every day over on Letterboxd, which went surprisingly well. If anyone wants to follow me, here's my account: https://letterboxd.com/dungeonskramz/ (This trailer is from Third Window Films. I highly recommend getting the DVD or Blu-ray release from them.)
  10. LingBro

    Our beloved stars now and then

    Ivy Ling Po interview from 2013 with English subtitles! She talks about the famous 1963 Taiwan incident when she got mobbed by fans at the airport and on the streets.