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  1. I was wondering about this film for blu recently and here it is lol. JC making us poorer in 2019. SDH subs only I assume? Not a big deal but I can see why some complain. Personally I'd like a PCM English/Mandarin stereo track as an alt to the 5.1 but that's just me.
  2. Found this but no HD? I see what ya mean @NoKUNGFUforYU, looks impressive.
  3. Out of business? I was hoping we might get a blu release of When Taekwando Strikes.
  4. Burnout29

    "Kung Fu Hustle" Homage

    A translation would be nice lol.
  5. Nice finds @DragonClaws Too bad the VHS doesn't look remotely like them lol.
  6. Burnout29


    Five golden dragons: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0061670/ / https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five_Golden_Dragons Hercules: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0070646/ Beauties by night appears to be this: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0203118/ Never heard of any of them lol.
  7. Noob here so I know don't know anything about Mr Worth but they shouldn't tease if they can't deliver. Or did Tarantino buy it.
  8. I had a problem with I think it was with HMV before, totally put me off using them. The site was error ridden. If it ain't plain sailing to do something easy then forget it. Amazon UK had the last batch of JC from 88 at around 9 quid 99 pence when I got Dragon Fist, I'll keep faith they do that again.
  9. Thank you for posting these videos @DragonClaws
  10. Amazon UK usually will flog them a bit cheaper and traditionally have a free delivery week close to Xmas. Thinking I'll get Dragons and Miracles first, wait it out on the other two as I'm slightly less interested. Got to get the Eureka Sammo set first which will appease until Xmas period when those two get release.
  11. Burnout29

    Martial arts film Youtube accounts...

    I feel a bit embarrassed asking but I don't know much about the history and such of this genre. I was wondering if anybody has any thoughts on why these are the top five most viewed by YouTuber WuTang. #1-Commando Fury (HKMDB user review excerpt - "Nothing special and pretty awful.") #2-Sun Dragon (HKMDB- "Run-of-the-mill" & "thumbs up") #3-Eight Strikes of the Wild Cat (HKMDB- "an enjoyable film to watch") #4-The Secret Rivals (HKMDB- All very favourable) #5-Seven Steps of Kung Fu (HKMDB- fights good, rest bad)
  12. Burnout29

    Martial arts film Youtube accounts...

    I had a search and felt this was a good enough topic to ask. Is this available anywhere? Only a part 2 on YT.