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  1. JackieChan

    Enter The Dragon & the 7-Up Connection

    Yeah, Mickey Haggerty. He was Hungarian born naturalised American.
  2. JackieChan

    List of favorite Wrestling programs you watch

    I watched WWF/WWE WCW Impact Maybe some others, I stopped watching wrestling around 2005.
  3. JackieChan

    Loved Ones Lost

    Thank you for sharing Raymond. Don't be afraid to let your son know you are hurting, he is too. Talk to him let him you are there if he wants to talk about how he is feeling. It's hard and the moment, I know but it will get better. They are both in a better place, I really do believe that. Love & Thoughts.
  4. JackieChan

    Enter The Dragon & the 7-Up Connection

    That Arnold Schwarzenegger & Loni Anderson advertisement is from 1980, they did a TV movie The Jayne Mansfield Story. My older brother lives in Finland, they have a system there where you pay (I think 10 cent) & you get it back when you recycle bottles and beer cans at your local supermarket.
  5. JackieChan

    RIP Rutger Hauer (1944-2019)

    Nighthawks (1981) is a cool movie. Big fan of his, sorry to hear this news.
  6. https://forums.digitalspy.com/discussion/1645342/late-night-martial-arts-films-on-channel-4 No one mentions it here but I remember that around the time that they had the Jackie Chan movie season, that they would also show an anime movie after the Jackie Chan movie. That started my interest in anime too.
  7. JackieChan

    Bruce Lee Collector's Edition Mediabook & Bust [Germany]

    A bit expensive @ €180
  8. JackieChan

    Bey Logan Audio Commentary List

    My favorite Bay Logan story on one of his commentaries (I don't remember what movie). But he talks about some Gweilo actor who worked on around 2 movies, who was very reluctant to give any background on his life or how he ended up in Hong Kong. Bay says that around 3 years later that someone who had worked on one of these movies was waiting to meet someone in the lobby of a hotel when he recognised this guy walking through the lobby & called to him & that the guy ignored him and walked out of the hotel & jumped into a taxi outside & left.
  9. JackieChan

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    Classic. I'm excited for Top Gun: Maverick
  10. JackieChan

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    I have The Yakuza Papers set, might pick this set up at some time. Amazon.uk are charging $75 + shipping though.
  11. https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/simpsons-dvd-season-19-disney-1203274456/ Nice to at least have season 1 to 20 on DVD.