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  1. Alan C

    Bruce Lee Stuff

    To me he sounded more like Jason Scott Lee emulating Bruce Lee.😉
  2. This book was one of the first to identify the real reason for the bad blood between Lee and the SF Chinatown martial art community, but totally drops the ball on the description of the fight between Lee and Jak Man -- in this fantasy, the fight lasted nearly 20mts with Bruce taking more damage than Wong. The thing to remember is that while the Sun Sing theater demo was the catalytic event for the challenge, in truth, the rivalry had been brewing for a while after Bruce published his book 'Chinese Gung Fu: The Philosophical Art of Self-Defense" in which he deconstructed and ridiculed the techniques of T.Y. Wong , a senior martial artist in the Chinatown community who had a history with James Lee. The most plausible version of the fight is this : Lee spent too much time attempting to straight blast Wong, who stayed protective and backpedaled, moving spastically and deflecting Lee's blows which landed without much impact. Because the studio was small, Wong was essentially moving around in circles until he tripped and Bruce finally pounced on him. Both men winded, Lee demanded he give up and Wong acquiesced rather than continue. The lesson learned : a straight blast only works if you can close the gap and stay within that proximity.
  3. I don't believe it was one specific thing that led to the fall out, but rather a myriad of things. At the root of everything was Bruce 's rebelious nature towards authority/authority figures. This was something he carried from a young age and it manifested in many different arenas throughout his life from school to martial arts to the film industry. Bruce was always anti establishment. The boy was punk rock way before it became fashionable I can't confirm the story about Raymond and Lo's wife, so I wont comment on that. As for the rest, consider this: Lee never wanted to return to HK and make movies there. Indeed, he knew it was a step back and felt it was basically beneath him. Less than a year prior, he was rollin' with big boys in Tinsel Town ( Silliphant, Coburn, McQueen) and developing philosophical projects with top production standards that would showcase him in both an artistic and commercial light. Silent Flute was intended to be the 'Easy Rider' of martial art films. Then he takes a gig in HK solely because he was strapped for cash. He viewed the production values as well as the talent there as subpar and about a hundred steps down from his limited station in Hollywood. So when he sees how a director like Lo Wei operates he's less than impressed. Add to that that Lo himself carried an air of superiority , as if he was an elite Hollywood director in the vein of Peckinpah, and barked orders at the crew like a school Principal, and you've got a recipe for disaster. The gambling on set, telling the press he taught Bruce fight choreography, link with Jimmy Wang Yu etc was just the icing on the cake to an already very dicey relationship.
  4. Good Stuff DragonClaws!
  5. Alan C

    40th Anniversary of FIST OF FURY

    Indeed. Over the years as the technology and remastering of films get better, the art has gone in the opposite direction.
  6. Buckethead-- one of the most incredible Rock guitarists out there. And a huge BL fan.
  7. Alan C

    Finding The Little Dragon In Unrelated Places

    Wow. Bizarre.
  8. Alan C

    Sticks: Martial Arts Master Dan Inosanto

    Correct. There's s wealth of info on Changsha in Marcos Ocana 's Silent Flute book, which I highly recommend to those who have an interest in the subject.
  9. Alan C

    Sticks: Martial Arts Master Dan Inosanto

    Dan is a walking encyclopedia of Martial history and an amazing stick and knife practitioner. Also, he was the direct inspiration for the character of Changsha aka Rhythm Man in Lee's Silent Flute project.
  10. Alan C

    Best Bruce Lee documentary?

    Nice! 'Curse' has gotten a lot of flak over the years ( ie Davis Miller, George Tan), but it's well presented and had a lot of great insight and (then) rare photographs. I'm also partial to the rock guitar accompanied interludes
  11. Alan C

    Best Bruce Lee documentary?

    Most have a good amount of info here and there but as a whole I enjoy The Legend, Curse of the Dragon and The Brilliant Life of Buce Lee -- the one that's exclusive to HK Heritage Museum. The first A& E Bio has many good things as well.
  12. Alan C

    Bamboo, Nunchucks & Dirty Footprints

    Went well, nice group of blokes and we had a good discussion despite the time constraint. I'd like to plan another event there in the near future.
  13. Alan C

    Bamboo, Nunchucks & Dirty Footprints

    Very little. I might add a little more detail to the written intro, and maybe a few small tweaks here and there, but nothing major.
  14. Alan C

    Bamboo, Nunchucks & Dirty Footprints

    Dragonclaws, thank you for the kind words. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Sym8, I'll keep you updated on how things progress, but the plan is to get it out there for all to see. Thanks for your interest!
  15. Alan C

    RIP Rutger Hauer (1944-2019)

    So sad to hear this news. He was an amazing talent. RIP.