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  1. Just caught thisone finally, great job by all involved...... Especially Adkins..... Phenomenal job!!! Scott was given the chance to show his acting chops for a change as well as the many fights in the film. Awesome british gangster movie with some great brawl brutal fights. The finale was amazing and top notch acting and direction. 5 stars!!!!! I need a Blu-ray copy of this ASAP!!!!
  2. MobFu1972

    Asian Movie Customs from TheKungFuRobber Films for sale

    Please let me know if you plan on making physical copies. I am definitely interested in a few titles. Thanks.
  3. Do you know if this is region free? And do they come with english subs? Thanks.
  4. Are these still available anywhere? Warriors 2 is my all time favorite kung fu film.
  5. I support any label that supports our love for these movies, especially here in the States. Germany gets the awesome media books and the UK has 88 Films and Eureka Region B goodness. The US needs similar labels. (I need a region free player asap Lol!!!) I hope the Pearl collection is amazing and I will fully support and purchase every last one of them. Hopefully they sell well and we get many Independant kung fu classics on Blu-ray. Thumbs up to Michael Worth and anyone else who is putting this collection together. I hope the announcement of future classics will be - EAGLES CLAW, SECRET RIVALS, A FIST FULL OF TALONS, SHAOLIN VS LAMA, CALL ME DRAGON, BUDDHA ASSASSINATOR, 7 STEPS OF KUNG FU. My list would go on forever. Come on October!!!!!
  6. I am going tonight @ AMC!!!! Can't wait to see it on the big screen!!!!
  7. Great news..... Please let us know when this awesome release will be available for purchase!!!!!