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  1. faridehlolieh

    Lo Lieh ..The man

    Yes I am a female....😀😀 Alias is pronounced Farah-Day...Recently just started really getting into Old Kung fu movies...Thank you for posting the pics of Lo LIEH...He was extremely Handsome and very talented. Like I said ..His Eye's.. they are so beautiful and can be very piercing...especially when he is playing a villian.He must of been a very private person because their is not alot of information on him. Love to hear any other info on Lo Lieh if you have any... I also Like very much THE VENOM MOB movies... The 5 Deadly Venoms is CLASSIC...It broke my heart to read about Chiang Sheng passing away because him..Phillip Kwok and Lu Feng are my favorites of the Venoms.. I have seen most of their movies. I ALSO LIKE CHENG PEI PEI..she was Bad ass in Come drink with me and Crouching Tiger..Hidden Dragon.. I also like Ti Lung..Chen Kuan -tai..John Lui...And David Chiang too. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN FOR WELCOMING ME AND POSTING THE ARTICLES AND PICTURES.
  2. faridehlolieh

    Lo Lieh ..The man

    Thank you so much for taking the time to post the article... Still love and Admire his work...but the interview gave me some insight as to what he was like as a person...Just like any other person...he had some Character Flaws.... By the way..is it just me...but I think he was a very handsome man...especially when he was young and just started out at Shaw Brothers. His eyes...is what get me..They are piercing and he conveys so much through them☺️
  3. faridehlolieh

    Lo Lieh ..The man

    @ShawAngela could please post the name of this actress or the article that you read of her being all Lo Lieh mistress who committed suicide..Thanks
  4. faridehlolieh

    Lo Lieh ..The man

    This is really interesting...Could you please name the actress or maybe post the article.. Thank you...
  5. faridehlolieh

    Lo Lieh ..The man

    Could you tell me the actress name and where I might find the article please...Thanks
  6. I am recently new . to kung fu...and I really admire actor LO LIEH and his work in the old kung fu movies. He is really great at playing villainous characters. I LOOKED online to see if thier are any interveiws or article's on him...beside the same internet Bio basics....I can't find anything really on him.. If anyone has met him or has information on him...I would like to know.. I know he was born in Indonesia in 1939 ..His Birth name is Wong Lap Tat...parents sent him to China in his teenage years...started at Shaw Brothers in 1962.. Was married 4 times I read..Died in 2002...