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  1. @jrodefeld I think you should keep both the HK Star Laserdisc original Cantonese mono and add the original Canto 2.0 mono from the Deltamac DVD for the HK Version. Furthermore, I like the option of being able to choose and it is appealing since it could be subjective like you said and dependent on the type of speakers being used. Is the Deltamac DVD mono track like a high quality digital recording in comparison do you think? In any case regardless of clarity, any Canto 2.0 original mono is a step up from the remixed tracks and should always be top priority. That's half the reason these projects are necessary in the first place since the studios neglect to include them or provide a subpar quality mono or, worse, a folded down track that is not authentic mono. Am I understanding your post correctly and you kept the HK Star laserdisc mono still while adding the Deltamac 2.0 track on the Hong Kong Version? The first tracks to be deleted to save space would be the 7.1 Cantonese remix of course and second the Mandarin track is not essential either since I would think most hardcore fans would choose either the original 2.0 Cantonese mono or the original English dub as the preferred tracks when watching the film. It looks like you did indeed decide to remove the 7.1 remix and Mandarin track so I applaud your decision on that. I have read that about when you push the data held too close to the 50GB capacity it increases the chance the burned discs would be faulty so you are absolutely correct there. I wanted to add if Hard Boiled was giving you persistent issues stemming from one of the audio tracks if it was one of the remixed tracks or Mandarin audio maybe you could just delete that as well. It sounds like you fixed the issue though but it might reduce the amount of bad burns to a significant degree to consider it if the space with all those audio options is extremely close to the 50 GB limit. I think most fans would choose the PCM Cantonese mono on Hard Boiled from the Laserdisc anyway since it sounds the best and is the original audio.
  2. @Big D Well, the UK BD of AOG II: OPERATION CONDOR was released by MediumRare and is the regular original Hong Kong 107 minute cut as opposed to the 91 minute US Miram-Axe version as I like to say, but the big drawback is that the UK MediumRare is an upscale. In other words, the video is going to be on par with the same Fortune Star upscale that was provided on the HK Blu-Ray for AOG II. As far as the audio, it's worth noting the UK BD for AOG II only has the Cantonese track in a lossy 5.1 remix so the original mono is absent whereas the HK BD has the Cantonese track in 7.1 remixed audio and again no mono track. The subtitles are an entirely different matter though and on the UK BD complete bollocks. They're taken from the English dub so aren't timed to the original audio, plus they turn into HOH subs with [laughs] descriptions about halfway through, and the spelling and grammar are terrible (like them getting lost in the "dessert") so in short they are dubtitles. The HK BD has English subtitles that are miles better based on what I have read. Unlike the Fortune Star upscaled master on the HK BD, the Paramount Japan Blu-Ray for AOG II has an extended 114 minute cut (roughly 7 additional minutes) in real HD, but the print would need repair I assume which is the only reason why the US version still looks better in terms of image quality. As expected, there are no English subs on the Japan BD and Japanese subs will be burned in the image at the bottom (see links below). One example of a longer additional scene is the explanation to the exact entering into Elsa's apartment towards the beginning, as well as a few nice extended scenes inside the hotel. There is a few more shots of Elsa in the Japanese extended version not seen in the HK cut. The only other way to get a true HD source for the HK version would be the Scandinavian set posted a few pages back that featured 8 films, but it has a body double shot of the Ada character strangely. That zoomed in shot of Ada in the shower Ken pointed out is also present on the Japanese Extended Version. (See the second link which is page 2 comparing the censored scenes : Zoom Effect 39:07-39:09) It says on that page earlier Hong Kong releases of the movie censored that shot. This should be of great interest here showing three pages detailing a summary of the extended scenes directly above the respective images : https://www.movie-censorship.com/report.php?ID=824931 https://www.movie-censorship.com/report.php?ID=824931&Page=2 https://www.movie-censorship.com/report.php?ID=824931&Page=3
  3. @jrodefeld Is there noticeable significant improvement in the areas of contrast and color on the new transfer of DM2 in comparison to the print on the Miramax BD? The colors on the Miramax were flat and dull so does how does the HK BD fare?
  4. @professorwho The print they used on the Miramax BD was an old print that really showed its age from the white speckles and flecks that would pop up throughout along with the dust and dirt so the print quality itself was very poor overall. You don't want detail to be at the mercy of such a low quality print. Also, it uses the VC-1 encode so re-encoding it in AVC like on the HK BD should automatically bring improvements. As Jacob stated, the aspect ratio is wider on the new BD and it has more information on all sides of the screen. I recall comments that the Miramax transfer had an inconsistent grain field too - an overwhelming amount beyond the charming touch of authenticity while in some areas DNR applied to destroy the detail of fine textures. Despite being somewhat overly clean on the new transfer, I would be inclined to believe without yet seeing it in motion it is still definitely an improvement and certainly the best to date. Ken noted being impressed with the picture quality on the new HK BD so the benefits of using the entirety of the new transfer would likely be worth it here. Maybe Jacob could chime in on that? I'm wondering though if the opening Chinese credits were digitally recreated on the new HK BD giving them a pixelated appearance?