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  1. Robotic

    Official KF Fandom Hip Hop Thread!

    Ghostface Killah just sent out an email to his mailing list teasing a new album.
  2. He sent out an email to his mailing list a day or so ago with more of his usual sob story about him trying is best and promising to follow through on getting what everyone had paid for. I got fed up with him after receiving my third non-working copy of Hard Boiled and got my money refunded.
  3. Robotic

    Anyone know what happened to ADC?

    New update
  4. Until yesterday I thought that War of the Shaolin Temple and Shaolin Temple Strikes Back were the same movie. Shaolin Temple Strikes Back has been one of my favorites from back when my collection was just a dozen or so Xenon VHS tapes, so I figured I should check out War of the Shaolin Temple. It's really crazy how similar those two movies are. They use many of the same actors, have very similar plots, and seem to even use a lot of the same sets! And according to HKMDB the lead actor only ever appeared in THESE TWO MOVIES! Overall War of the Shaolin Temple was fine. Good fights (and some really cool camera work during them), decent enough plot. There's a long drawn out comedy scene near the end just as the plot is ramping up that really took the wind out of the film's sails. And the character of the "Crazy Monk" was built up through other character's dialog to seem like he would be the big hero who would come swooping in to turn the battle for the good guys, but he ends up not having much of an influence at all. It's almost like his story was meant to be in some other movie and just got tacked onto this one (which is totally something that Joseph Kuo would do in one of his movies, but he didn't direct this one, he directed Shaolin Temple Strikes Back!).
  5. Robotic

    Anyone know what happened to ADC?

    Here's a post from a few days ago on reddit: Not sure what /ptg/ stands for (maybe private trackers general?) so that's all the info I've seen. I feel like they went offline a couple years ago for over a month and then were miraculously revived. I'm betting the same will happen this time around.
  6. Finally got got around to watching Two on the Road. Nice fun comedy. Not a ton of fights but what it had was very good (although clearly sped up in parts). Really wish I had a subtitled version of this one instead of the dub because it seems like the dubbing crew was really taking some liberties with the script. I really can't imagine that the script referenced Batman, Midnight Express, and James Bond, but then again it was pretty silly movie so maybe it did.
  7. Just watched Thundering Mantis for (somehow) the first time. This movie really takes a wild turn at the end! Highlight for me was the fight between Chin Yuet Sang and Eddy Ko.