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  1. Any problems? I sent you an e-mail @jrodefeld about my replacement discs. Otherwise ill be taking my leave out of this goddamn place joygeen and fuck off! HKR was just too good to be true since the person can't even get his shit together. He ignoires his customers treats them like crap. If he isnt going to do anything then i want my money back Asshole
  2. The Japanese verison has more outtake playing the Project A theme sung by Jackie Chan, extended scenes with Sammo in it, and other scenes that were taken out the HK print but put back into the Japanese cut.
  3. Once i get a new blu-ray player that can play Region B Blu-rays i will get it along with the Once Upon a time in China trilogy box set.
  4. I haven't gotten the Eureka blu-ray yet but i'm happy what Jacob did with Project A ill be watching it during it's 35th anniversary on December 22. I liked how Jacob included the Japanese verison with longer scenes more than the HK cut.
  5. Anywho how about them Project A's?
  6. That's better than nothing. Too bad you couldn't get Jackie and Yuen Biao but maybe they'll make a cameo.
  7. Any fighting going to happen in there?
  8. It's ashame but not all suprised that the thread will be closing down. I don't blame the mods for doing this but ill miss having conversion's here about HKR. I hope i get an update on my replacement discs hopefully? besides that i've enjoyed my other blu-rays i've bought from them like Drunken Master 2, Wheels on Meals and Project A. I contacted @jrodefeld one time due to an error when i ordered Police Story but i got Police Story 3 instead. It took him a week to reply to my email to send me Police Story without charging me for it which made me happy and was worth waiting six weeks owning Police Story seeing the Japanese verison with eng subs. So thank you if i haven't got to the chance to in the past.
  9. That's good news. Hopefully it will work *Fingers crossed*
  10. The Mirahacks dub can go. High Upon High can stay.
  11. Victor: I'm Lin. You Jackson? You look like a Jackson. That must make you Frank Ducks. Frank Dux: No, it's DUX. Victor: Oh, right, like put up your dukes. R.I.P
  12. Will you be contacting those who are getting the replacement discs?
  13. I'm calm asf but however you seemed stressed out though.
  14. @jrodefeld Jacob thanks for the free download Armour of God looks amazing. I look foward getting my replacement discs once you get around to it. Please don't give up being here despite Facebook and other sites don't HKR around here you do at least found people like me who support your work.