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  1. Daxtreme

    Warner Brothers - Matrix Cinematic Universe

    I'm just waiting for the Yuen Woo-Ping returning announcement Pretty please?
  2. Are you sure it's not your TV? I watched that part and it was totally watchable. I mean, no one expects those movies to look perfect either. The badly-timed subs are a staple of these releases at this point. I didn't know a HK TV HD version of this movie existed!
  3. The restoration work on Lethal Panther is... amazing. I found some screenshots, look at this: This is a movie that, until recently, was ONLY available in 240p 4:3. This is a must-buy for GWG fans!
  4. I literally just watched Alita and ... I'm so sad there is no actual ending. They planned for a sequel that's probably never coming. Screw you Hollywood!
  5. count me in, I thought the first 2 Thor movies were average at best, but by the time Ragnarok rolled in, and later Infinity War, I really like Thor now
  6. hey kevenzz, PM me I have full subs for NoKungFU's version of iron angels 2
  7. You also made angel 2 There's angel 3 as well which I made, if anyone is interested PM me or nokungfu
  8. Daxtreme

    Princess madam (1989)

    Most of these movies are just carbon-copies of each other. But if you like that carbon copy... they're pretty interesting!
  9. Daxtreme

    IceMan Cometh 1989 HD Custom

    if you somehow find and add canto dub I'm definitely getting this one!
  10. Daxtreme

    What's the most amount of movies you've watched in a single day?

    3 But they were LOTR extended so... 12 hours of movies. Still only counts as 3
  11. Daxtreme

    Very High quality images for posters?

    Thanks guys for your help, much appreciated, these are big indeed but not quite big enough to be printed in 24 x 36 ! Artifacts are visible when I save the files for print.
  12. Hey guys, Trying my luck here -- I am planning on printing my own posters for martial arts movies and I was wondering if some of you guys had very HQ images of these Hong kong posters lying around? Should be able to be printed with great quality on 24' x 36' (610 x 914 mm) -- I can correct minimal ratio issues. Generally that means around a 4 Megapixels image, but every image is different. The posters I'm specifically looking for: Police Story Police Story 3 Green Snake (1993) A Chinese Ghost Story 3 Iron Angels (1987) She Shoots Straight/Lethal Lady (1990) Madam City Hunter (1993) In fact, pretty much any Girls with Guns HQ image, I'm game! I have found some HQ images myself so far so I can trade those I have
  13. Daxtreme

    "reacted to" ? More "liked"or "gave a thumbs up to", no ?

    See for yourself
  14. Daxtreme

    "reacted to" ? More "liked"or "gave a thumbs up to", no ?

    It's because the software allows for different reactions than just "like" I'm on another forum like this and there you can react with like, but also "sad", "astonished", "hahaha", "Thanks!", and others.
  15. Looking forward to this release then!! hopefully it's popular enough to warrant releasing the whole In the Line of Duty franchise to Blu-Ray disk