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  1. Hey guys, who knows some old martial arts movies that are in the public domain? Is Freedom Strikes A Bow AKA Chinese Hercules out of copyright?
  2. Very nice! I met Mr. Van Clief a few years ago and I have been impressed with his personality and his good shape.
  3. The first cover is from a Polish VHS release. I also had the poster.
  4. Yes, I think so and the stunt double is Mr. Todd Senofonte.
  5. Yes, Joe Son and Bolo in Shootfighter 2.
  6. "One Husband Too Many" (1988)
  7. Michael A. Davis from Chicago and Art Camacho.
  8. Yes. Now he tries to build his own music career.
  9. Looks like his sister's husband.
  10. Thank you for your understanding. Yes, it's me. I like the forum very much. Please keep up your good work. Soon I hope to share some good news with you
  11. I am sorry for the wrong link. It's here:
  12. Thank you for your kind words. When I have watched "Enter the Dragon". I was like 16, now 40
  13. Bolo in Moscow, Channel 1 - russian TV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jP4yhxuUOgw
  14. Shootfighter 2 - Behind the scenes