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  1. Ku Feng back in 2006. He's currently 89.
  2. Masked Avengers (1981) with an early appearance by Chin Siu Ho -whom I remember better in Mr. Vampire with the late Lam Ching Ying.
  3. To Kill A Jaguar (1977) D OK, I didn't see the film, I just wanted a reason to post pictures of Nora Miao.
  4. Just watched this again. Five Element Ninjas (1982) This one is autographed by Lo Mang -who not uncharacteristically dies before the film ends.
  5. Five Element Ninjas (1982) A bit over the top and typical story line, but the choreography was top notch; hats off to Ricky Cheng Tien Chi. Much like Yuen Tak and Li I-Min, Ricky Cheng does not get much recognition in martial arts cinema.
  6. Thanks. I know Tamara Dobson was in a few Blaxploitation films of the 70s, much like Pam Grier. However, unlike Grier, Dobson was not able to find much success in mainstream films. She was quite tall and physically imposing presence on screen. Sadly, I noticed that many of these Shaw Brothers "experiments" like "The Stranger and Gunfighter" and "The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires" come off very awkward.
  7. Funny you should mention this. I just saw the movie poster for this film, its on auction right now. I was a bit hesitant to watch the film but now I'm curious. Thanks for the info. Photo courtesy of emovieposter.com
  8. I understand the need for studios to diversify films, but what were the Shaw Brothers thinking when they chose to do this? DIsco Bumpkins? I'm glad Ni Kuang was not forced to do this screenplay he probably would have told someone to use the flying guillotine on him. Speaking of which, here is a photo of Chen Kuan Tai in the 1975 classic.
  9. morpheus

    Top 10 Shaw Brothers actors of all time

    Ti Lung David Chiang Ku Feng Lo Lieh Chen Kuan Tai Lau Kar Fai Wong Chung Wang Lung Wei Yueh Hua While he was never a first-billed star, I like Bruce Tong Yim Chaan
  10. morpheus

    Your top ten David Chiang AND Ti Lung's movies

    Blood Brothers Vengeance Four Riders Shaolin Temple (1976) Seven Man Army The Deadly Duo Savage Five Five Shaolin Masters The Angry Guest Naval Commandos
  11. morpheus

    Gordon Liu Merchandise

    Hope his health improves or at least his spirits. Thanks for the link, I'll be looking for early Christmas gifts.
  12. A small photo of Tanny Tien Ni. Make-up artists and costume designers could make her look like a prom queen or a den mother of a house of ill refute. Hope she's doing alright, her husband of 43 years -Yueh Hua (aka Elliot Ngok Wah) passed on last year.
  13. morpheus

    Shaolin Temple (1976)

    Ah yes, here is a studio shot of Lily Li; definitely her.
  14. morpheus

    Shaolin Temple (1976)

    Thank you both!!!
  15. morpheus

    Shaolin Temple (1976)

    Image from the bottom of the theatrical poster.