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  1. Ah, one of my favs... "Pops" is just a joy to watch in action. I would have loved to have seen him in a modern movies with cinematography like the first Matrix or and RAID movie. Yes Drunken Monk, just listening to him teach is almost as good as his action scenes.
  2. CoolBlackKnight

    Rejected Avatars

    The ones I could have used were worthy enough... I just have a love for my fav character Ryu Hayabusa more. Some others I would have used:
  3. CoolBlackKnight

    What's the most amount of movies you've watched in a single day?

    I got about 3-4 in on a Sat one time... Now, if we talking "self-advancing" to the "important scenes", then maybe 6-7 lol.
  4. CoolBlackKnight

    The Bolo Yeung Documentary: Release Date TBA

    Will have to peep this. .....
  5. Ok, we all here love our MA genre and all things related. So I was thinking the other day about certain aspects I love in my MA films. One of my many favorites is the "I gotta check your ***" scenes. Now, these scenes may be serious or playful, but they are meant to relay to us when a character has to be respected, no matter how you feel about them. They are the reason that makes me replay a sequence 1000x of times because of the intensity, the crispness, the humiliation, the embarrassment or the just outstanding display of "Boy... You must not know bout me" < / Beyonce > confidence(lol) a male or female protagonist or antagonist will show in that brief moment of "testing". They usually happen early on in a movie, or when someone needs to set the tone for the plot. And when they are done right, they make you think, "OMG, he/she/that Was. Just. Bad. Ass!!!" With that being said, I'll start off with both a "serious" and a "light" moment - to give the first example: Serious - Shaolin vs Lama (1983), Grandmaster Pu Chi-eh vs his former student Yao Feng-lin ...Best line from the movie was said by the villain Yao Feng-lin, Light - The Prodigal Son (1981), Lam Ching-ying(Leung Yee Tai) vs Yuen Biao(Leung Chang) at the opera So many films that I know ya'll can touch on with a moment in them like that... I can go on forever with little scenes that dance through my head when I reminisce/think about awesome fight scenes. :-) How bout you guys? What are some of your most loved, "check your ***" scenes?
  6. I gotta find the store where DY buys his bottles of "youthful drinks" lol.
  7. CoolBlackKnight

    Kung Fu Sound F/X you grew up loving and now hate?

    I've always hated that excessive smokey & mystical "appear suddenly" from thin air sound effect(that boing sound) in those spiritual-types of MA films... Which, outside of a few joints with exceptional choreographed fight moves/sequences(like say, in Legendary Weapons Of China), I can't stand. ...Almost makes me turn them off the moment I hear it(unless I'm captivated by the action contained therein).
  8. CoolBlackKnight

    What anime have you/are currently watching?

    Last thing I watched:
  9. CoolBlackKnight

    Steven Seagal caught up in the sex fiasco

    That Seagal goatee of his has "old Russian pornstar" written all over it.
  10. CoolBlackKnight

    Donnie Yen = Sylvester Stallone

    Sly was very good in Creed, I thought. Enjoyed his supporting performance.
  11. CoolBlackKnight

    Physical, Digital, or Both: What Are Your Thoughts?

    This. Speaking as a man with a 65" LG OLEDE7P 4k HDR WebOS Smart tv, I'm "ok" with streaming in general, but for certain movies where visuals are a premium, I want that ~36Mbp/s(sometimes as high as 90Mbp/s!), minimum bitrate of UHD Blu-rays that my Oppo 4k UHD blu-ray player delivers in resolution to my monitor that Netflix & other streaming sites w/lower, compressed bitrates simply cannot atm... Outside of say, Google fiber or FIOS, for example. "Streaming" 4k content starts around ~20Mbp/s, and over time this will rise with the UHD codecs(like VP9) getting better. You can see the improvement when it's lossless indeed. ...But bottom line, I want physical media for the flawless resolution achieved watching those few "classic" films that I love.
  12. CoolBlackKnight

    Any 4K UHD Asian movies?

    ...Man, to have Donnie Yen's IP Man in 4k UHD / HDR. * smiles *
  13. Last Movie: Train to Busan Last TV show: Netflix the Punisher
  14. CoolBlackKnight

    Top 10 Shaw Brothers actors of all time

    A few here I love but know they aren't the "top 10 Shaw Brothers actors" per se, but I just love watching them in action: GORDON LIU LAU KAR LEUNG Philip Kwok PHILLIP KO FEI Wang Lung Wei Chiang Sheng LO LIEH Alexander Sheng Fu David Chiang Yasuaki Kurata .....
  15. CoolBlackKnight

    Why is nobody posting?

    I would. .....
  16. CoolBlackKnight

    Why is nobody posting?

    In the words of the Prez, BIGLY! From the original NGO on XBOX back in the day to the last one on the PS 3 - That's my boy(and yes, from DoA 2: Hardcore thru DoA 5: Last Round, Busa is my main)... Can't wait for the new announcement next year(NG 4 or DoA 6). * crosses fingers *
  17. CoolBlackKnight

    Why is nobody posting?

    Dilly Dilly!!
  18. CoolBlackKnight

    Why is nobody posting?

    Really appreciate the responses... I never thought I would find out the name of that joint, lol. This board rocks! .....
  19. CoolBlackKnight

    Why is nobody posting?

    Alright I have a post for you and a question. Does anyone remember a movie(I wish I could remember the name, it had ol boy from Brave Archer 3, the lead with his sister in the film), but it started out with two young boy babies being separated at Birth: one went to where he was supposed to go and he became skilled with the Gin sword(wore white also), and the other one accidentally landed on the doorsteps of three crazy but highly skilled monks on stilts(!) who vowed never to step on the ground again until something happen(or something changed)... But I do not remember the name of this movie. Oh, I believe it was also a Shaw Brothers production. Anyone have an idea? .....
  20. CoolBlackKnight

    What Got You Into Shaw Brothers Movies?

    For me, as a young teenager on Saturday morning during the 80's. Watch cartoons with that big bowl of Apple Jack or Honeycomb cereal on the table, then clean up the room, do yard work till about 1pm when the "Chinese Cinema" would begin. ...Get ready to go kick it with the fellas that afternoon or, later on that night if I worked it right, a honey. .....
  21. Great work... Impressive!