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  1. CoolBlackKnight

    Rejected Avatars

    The ones I could have used were worthy enough... I just have a love for my fav character Ryu Hayabusa more. Some others I would have used:
  2. CoolBlackKnight

    What's the most amount of movies you've watched in a single day?

    I got about 3-4 in on a Sat one time... Now, if we talking "self-advancing" to the "important scenes", then maybe 6-7 lol.
  3. Will have to peep this. .....
  4. Ok, we all here love our MA genre and all things related. So I was thinking the other day about certain aspects I love in my MA films. One of my many favorites is the "I gotta check your ***" scenes. Now, these scenes may be serious or playful, but they are meant to relay to us when a character has to be respected, no matter how you feel about them. They are the reason that makes me replay a sequence 1000x of times because of the intensity, the crispness, the humiliation, the embarrassment or the just outstanding display of "Boy... You must not know bout me" < / Beyonce > confidence(lol) a male or female protagonist or antagonist will show in that brief moment of "testing". They usually happen early on in a movie, or when someone needs to set the tone for the plot. And when they are done right, they make you think, "OMG, he/she/that Was. Just. Bad. Ass!!!" With that being said, I'll start off with both a "serious" and a "light" moment - to give the first example: Serious - Shaolin vs Lama (1983), Grandmaster Pu Chi-eh vs his former student Yao Feng-lin ...Best line from the movie was said by the villain Yao Feng-lin, Light - The Prodigal Son (1981), Lam Ching-ying(Leung Yee Tai) vs Yuen Biao(Leung Chang) at the opera So many films that I know ya'll can touch on with a moment in them like that... I can go on forever with little scenes that dance through my head when I reminisce/think about awesome fight scenes. :-) How bout you guys? What are some of your most loved, "check your ***" scenes?
  5. I gotta find the store where DY buys his bottles of "youthful drinks" lol.
  6. CoolBlackKnight

    Kung Fu Sound F/X you grew up loving and now hate?

    I've always hated that excessive smokey & mystical "appear suddenly" from thin air sound effect(that boing sound) in those spiritual-types of MA films... Which, outside of a few joints with exceptional choreographed fight moves/sequences(like say, in Legendary Weapons Of China), I can't stand. ...Almost makes me turn them off the moment I hear it(unless I'm captivated by the action contained therein).
  7. CoolBlackKnight

    What anime have you/are currently watching?

    Last thing I watched:
  8. CoolBlackKnight

    Steven Seagal caught up in the sex fiasco

    That Seagal goatee of his has "old Russian pornstar" written all over it.
  9. CoolBlackKnight

    Donnie Yen = Sylvester Stallone

    Sly was very good in Creed, I thought. Enjoyed his supporting performance.
  10. CoolBlackKnight

    Physical, Digital, or Both: What Are Your Thoughts?

    This. Speaking as a man with a 65" LG OLEDE7P 4k HDR WebOS Smart tv, I'm "ok" with streaming in general, but for certain movies where visuals are a premium, I want that ~36Mbp/s(sometimes as high as 90Mbp/s!), minimum bitrate of UHD Blu-rays that my Oppo 4k UHD blu-ray player delivers in resolution to my monitor that Netflix & other streaming sites w/lower, compressed bitrates simply cannot atm... Outside of say, Google fiber or FIOS, for example. "Streaming" 4k content starts around ~20Mbp/s, and over time this will rise with the UHD codecs(like VP9) getting better. You can see the improvement when it's lossless indeed. ...But bottom line, I want physical media for the flawless resolution achieved watching those few "classic" films that I love.
  11. CoolBlackKnight

    Any 4K UHD Asian movies?

    ...Man, to have Donnie Yen's IP Man in 4k UHD / HDR. * smiles *
  12. Last Movie: Train to Busan Last TV show: Netflix the Punisher