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  1. most likely the same print as before... oh well at least the asia line serie is still alive.
  2. This movie certainly deserve a blu ray version
  3. I don't remember if this was already posted but here's the indiegogo link for Bruce Lee's Secret blu ray: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/bruce-lee-s-secret-35mm-film-restoration-project#/ still lots of money needed unfortunately Bonus film if they reach 22k is The Deadly Silver Ninja.
  4. there is quite a few remastered movies in 1080p recently… I don't know if they're all from that company called Multicom Entertainment but seems to be ripped from Amazon. Militant Eagle: Dreadnaught: https://ibb.co/PgNg8P1 Bolo: https://ibb.co/cFnfDc6 Struggle Through Death: https://ibb.co/RCdwnpB Duel to the Death: https://ibb.co/dKDz5FY
  5. Bonus Language Tracks: Spanish, French and German My answer is Yes
  6. There a 1080p print of Cantonen Iron Kung Fu on some site which is a lot better than any previous version.
  7. I don't know why you need 3 version of the same film… unless it's your favorite movie of all time.
  8. It's coming in early 2020... pretty soon…. it's the newest restoration from Fortune Star… i don't think 88 films or Eureka actually scans & restore the movies themselves. It was announced for december 2nd but got delayed.
  9. I saw a post on their facebook page dating from january 2018 annoucing The Dragon Lives & Steel Fisted Dragon as coming out soon… so don't expect it until 2025 I guess https://www.facebook.com/synapsefilms/posts/happy-new-year-from-synapse-filmsthanks-to-all-who-supported-us-throughout-2017-/1888841267810536/
  10. That scope print has been released a while ago on a german dvd in 2013.. it's not really new unless it's going to come out on blu ray. https://www.amazon.de/dp/B00DBPH0AE/
  11. These new covers are 500% better
  12. Yeah I know that... but it's still based on a japanese movie... which itself is a compilation of Kamen Rider V3 episodes mixed together. Anyway all these 70s taiwanese tokusatsu movies are worth watching because they're so crazy. I recommend also: Mars Men and Hanuman vs. 7 Ultraman.
  13. looks very grindhouse compared to the japanese blu ray version but I guess that's cool for german speakers.
  14. I'm curious about the other films in this Pearl River Collection how about Mystery of Chess Boxing
  15. Looks great ! can't wait for it. The only bad thing about it is the burned subtitles.