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  1. Pretty sure it's from the German dvd… which contain the best print for sure… but unfortunately it's cut by 10 minutes approximately and not English friendly.
  2. The Magnificent Ruffians - German Blu Ray was supposed to come out yesterday (September 6th) but it's no longer listed on amazon.de ? maybe it's cancelled. https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Das-todliche-Erbe-des-Shaolin-Blu-ray/247416/ Also I found out another Venom movie is coming September 26th, The Rebel Intruders. https://www.amazon.de/Geheimbund-Todeskralle-Brothers-Collection-Blu-ray/dp/B07TLP9Y9J/ I wanted a complete venom movies colllection on blu ray a few years ago and I think we're almost done now
  3. here's what that german dvd look like…. but I believe this is the shorter german cut… the English version is longer… I can't remember right now
  4. Edge of Fury already has a reconstruction… I don't know maybe it could be perfected a little bit. https://www.amazon.de/Asia-Line-Bruce-Vergeltung-Limited/dp/B0736QDY9N/
  5. I wasn't sure if Golden Mask was coming up but it is now 100% sure… by The Vengeance Pack. They posted 2 images of their work in progress on facebook
  6. Here after many troubles and around 4 hours of work... my English fandub for this project. The audio is from the Fullscreen Tai Seng dvd, which is uncut. https://mega.nz/#!fngzRKgZ!BlV5lJH4m_7YNT6JGmafhRt6nI5tfG5LBQA7ckvI_MMé Enjoy !
  7. ^^nice ! Dynamo already exist on blu ray by a little spanish company but hopefully this newer blu ray will surpass it
  8. Thanks, I don't have the tai seng dvd… and also the german English version is cut by 1 minutes 10 seconds approximately. The part which is cut is the part at 3:08 minutes were the Ocean Shores logo appears…. when Hwang Jang Lee says 'Waiter!' I guess they bootleged it and decided to cut that part. I will have to restart my fandub from the begining then…. EDIT: do you think you can send me the .ac3 audio file from the tai seng dvd instead of the compressed audio from YouTube ?
  9. Do you think it's possible to add English dub aswell ? my german english dubbed dvd is 1hour 29 minutes 34 seconds (25fps) and your custom version is 1 hour 30 minutes 43 seconds (24fps) EDIT: I've decided to try doing a fandub and so far I've synched the first 15 minutes... once it's complete I will probably upload my audio file here.
  10. I just got The Victim, the newer dvd and it's the same master as the previous one... but with triple audio: english, german and cantonese.
  11. hopefully it will include the English dub
  12. I watched Lethal Panther yesterday and I enjoyed it.... the picture quality is stunning. the movie doesn't have much of a story but there is shitload of violence and sex that's for sure. probably the best Godfrey Ho film I've seen so far...
  13. I just found on amazon.de that Magnificent Ruffians is coming on blu ray september 6th. https://www.amazon.de/Das-Tödliche-Erbe-Shaolin-Blu-ray/dp/B07TPYXV5K/ also Heroes Shed no Tears is coming the same day but personally I don't like wu xia pian https://www.amazon.de/Die-Rache-des-Karateka-Blu-ray/dp/B07TJKBQK3/
  14. I would maybe pay that price for an uncut hd version on blu ray… but not for a dvd which is probably sourced from a vhs tape.