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  1. Secret Rivals 1 and 2 already have great dvds by Soulblade featuring 35mm print. I agree about the others I checked eBay for some kung fu on 35mm and they cost like $500-$1000 per film…. and that's not counting the scanning price and restoration price... I would like to do some myself but it's too expensive for one person.
  2. This title was already released on dvd a couple of years ago in germany.. under the title of Die tödliche Rache. The print was just the Eastern Heroes dvd cropped and re-encoded widescreen. Hopefully this new dvd is a new 2:35.1 widescreen print… otherwise it's pointless. The whole film is on YouTube also:
  3. You can convert your mkv to a blu ray with no menus easily. use a little program called TsMuxerGui, open your mkv and set ouput to blu ray folder and it will create BDMV & CERTIFICATE folder in 2 minutes. no loss in quality, the program doesn't re-encode anything.
  4. kevenzz

    Asian DVD Club is no more...

    it takes forever...
  5. nice price… I have no idea if this movie is rare or wanted or whatever… I don't even know what this film is about I just know I wanted some spaghetti western on vhs last year for some fandub project and those were selling for 100 euro each.
  6. yeah probably some rare vhs are selling for ridiculous prices these days.
  7. Yeah but I meant the dvd is sourced from a Vhs tape
  8. holy shit ! I never expected that title to be released on blu ray in proper format…. it only exist in fullscreen vhs... there is also a semi wide custom version by thuglife but… it's still a vhs I really love that film…. a must buy for me hopefully Mystery of Chess Boxing or Born Invincible is next
  9. that was too good to be true https://hollywoodtheatre.org/events/the-mystery-of-chess-boxing/ supposedly the only known 35mm copy of this film.... release it on blu ray before it becomes too damaged !
  10. kevenzz


    too bad most Jamal stuff is letterboxed.... it would be great to re-encode this stuff anamorphically from the master tape.... that would be a big upgrade in picture quality.
  11. there is two small german company releasing lot of great stuff on dvds. WMM: https://www.facebook.com/WMM-173240369826375/ AVV: https://www.facebook.com/AVVDVD/
  12. pretty sure it's just the first one
  13. some crazy & awesome cover art there looks great
  14. yeah maybe for the james bond character … dracula should be free of rights.