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  1. Ah_Tao

    Duke, Prince, Queen, King

    Thats awesome! You have to tell me more about this and when he became more interesting to you!
  2. Ah_Tao

    Duke, Prince, Queen, King

    Absolutely love this. All of them are amazing. Prince is actually one of my favorite performers ever and I feel bad i never got to see him live
  3. The Shaolin Plot- Movie was alright. Quite primative as it is a typical "villain wants to rule it all" as Chan Sing wants the secret manuals of all the kung-fu schools. It was extremely goofy at times (Chan Sing having a fake googly eye that is evidently plastered on his face, villains hiding under grass, needlebed in front of the house). Aside from that, James Tien was decent in here. It could have used more training scenes, but Casanova Wong steals the show as usual. Sammo Hung is pretty evil in here, and he tricks you in the beginning. Chin Kang was pretty cool in here too, but you feel bad for him every time he fights. Verdict: 7/10 I upped it from 6 to 7 because Casanova Wong and Kwan Yung Moon also stole the show in the final fight scene and the fight with James Tien at the temple.
  4. I love this one too! The intro and the end fight is worth the money alone
  5. https://youtu.be/x0r3aSlc2A8
  6. I've been gone for quite a while, so I'll chronicle the things I've watched since then. Shaft- I loved this movie. It's not the greatest movie in the world, but everyone in the theaters had a kick out of it. The intro was on fire!!!! I did not like how did they the OST dirty at the end of the movie. Note: Do not watch this film if you are an SJW!!! John Wick 3- Awesome movie. A bit overrated, but I liked it much better than the second one. Keanu's skills on-screen have gotten a hell of a lot better for the past couple of years. I really liked the tone the movie had. Godzilla: King of Monsters- Oh no they didn't! They had most monsters in this movie. Mothra left me amazed. I didn't get the plan of Vera Farmiga but oh well, survival of the fittest? Overall, it was a solid film. Dark Phoenix- ... Annabelle Comes Home- Enjoyed this one. People kept advertising it was a movie on Ed and Lorraine but it centers more around their daughter, Judy. I have an unpopular opinion here with this one because I really liked it. I enjoyed it as much as the previous installment. They paid an homage to 70s intros with the credit scene in this one. Also, you get to see Ed briefly sing Elvis as the movie ends. There is also a quick mention honoring Ms. Warren's passing. Spider-Man: Far From Home- Awesome movie. You know, I really didn't like Tom Holland as Spider-Man at first (I'm a Tobey Maguire guy, still am he's my fav) but he grew on me with this one. Mysterio was used just right in here. They put a spin on the character too (no spoilers) and even put a twist in the ending (STILL NO SPOILERS). The Lion King- I'm a huge fan of the original, but I went in there with an open mind. We had fun watching it but my major gripe was how they replaced Jeremy Irons as Scar. I am a fan of Chiwetel Ejiofor, but he could not hold up as Scar. I tried, with an open mind to watch him play it, but it was nowhere as good as Jeremy Irons. You don't believe me? If you go to watch or seen it already, here's the hint...LONG LIVE THE KING. Yeah I didn't like that. Last but not least.... Person of Interest- I binge-watched this show to its entirety, and all I have to say is, it's worth the watch. They outdid themselves with this show. The characters, the plot, the cinematography, the music (They played Welcome to the Machine), everything just fits together like a puzzle. Out of all the episodes of all 5 seasons, there was only 1 episode that I didn't think held up too well, but it worked in its own way. I definitely recommend giving this show a watch, especially if you are a coder.
  7. Ah_Tao

    Wonder Woman 1984 (2019)

    I've been ready for this movie, but I'm not feeling the costume at all either. All my other friends seem to like it though
  8. I haven't been active lately on the forums, I apologize. So here's some movies I checked out within the end of last month and now. Avengers Endgame - I was really skeptical at first, because I already knew the spoilers and didn't like them. Surprisingly, it worked better in the movie than it looks on paper. My favorite Marvel superhero, Captain America, was an absolute beast in this film! I love how they used him. If you didn't like Captain Marvel the movie (like I did) or just don't like her, then don't worry, because she's used to a bare minimal but has a big, but not crucial role in here. My biggest complaint was how the Incredible Hulk was treated in here. He was still the same destroyed thing he was in Breakthrough - Thought this movie was gonna suck, but I walked out amazed. They did a phenomenal job with this movie and it's not your typical faith film. I pretty much was lip syncing all the songs that were being sung in here. I know it's bad to add this, but I started laughing when Mike Colter didn't drink coffee in this movie (if you don't get the reference then nvm) Aladdin - The visuals on this are spectacular. I went in on opening night, and I swear, more adults were screaming during this movie. It's not up to par with the '92 animated film or the Broadway musical (which I highly recommend most of you seeing), but it was still great. I have my complaints but we'll get to that later. Will Smith saved the film as usual, and could really pack emotion in his role. Now Jafar sucked hardcore in here. He was no where near the caliber of menacing as Jonathan Freeman. Fun Fact: he also plays Jafar in the Broadway musical. Glad I'm not the only one here that enjoys tf out of the DCEU. I highly recommend you check out the extended cuts of BvS and Suicide Squad, they're worth it. Also, I am in need of a physical copy of Aquaman lmao.
  9. I remember reading this years ago, and I agree they overdid the art. I enjoyed the story though. On the other hand, that is why the game adaption is far better. They grabbed elements from this and blew it out of the water.
  10. Ah_Tao

    Martial arts film Youtube accounts...

    Yep, those assholes. The same ones who, even though they "own the rights", can't seem to put up the HD versions even though older YT videos had some in HD. The same ones who use bootlegs as their master copies...
  11. I finally watched Duel of Fists and the Angry Guest for the first time. I enjoyed them more than I thought I would and wished there was a third one to make the story more full.
  12. I forgot to make my comments on this show. Soooo, I had YouTube Red (or whatever it goes by now) for the past three years, and never gave this show a chance. I had finals last week and the week before but instead was binging the mess out of this show from the start to the end of Season 2. While the technique still sucks.... this show is OFF THE HOOK. I'm gonna be a broken record here, but the story is phenomenal. It either blows the originals out of the water story-wise, or is on the same par (depending on how much of a sucker you are for the originals). I love the way just about everyone plays protagonists and antagonists in here and it's amazing. I think there's only two people here who are absolute antagonists so far which are *spoilers* but other than that everyone is good in some way, shape, or form. I wasn't bored with one scene or episode... it's that good. I love how it doesn't pull no punches either. It continuously pokes fun at the little things that goes on today and pokes fun at the little things from the past. They were very unapologetic and I love it! It's totally different from the wholesome Karate Kid, but this is a new generation. Kids know things even I wouldn't know ten years ago. The training scenes are great also, even though Daniel-San's Seiunchin is still terrible lol. Real martial artists will know what they were doing even if it was not perfectly right.
  13. Ah_Tao

    What next for custom blu ray? Suggestions please

    I was literally gonna ask if someone had this on dvd or blu ray lol. I saw Bolo jr shared this and the quality is amazing. Id love to see the episode with Ko Fei too.
  14. Brotha, you forgot to mention the lasers that randomly pop out of the wall only when Bruce Lee # Whatever walks over its invisible tripwire lmfao
  15. Plot of the story supposedly goes: Bolo (I think it is) goes up against Carter Wong in front of their sifu. It's not shootfighter, and it's not bloodfight. Bolo is the good guy I think. That's all the info I have because it's not me who remembers which movie this is. I'm curious to watch if anyone knows what it is Edit: I did some Googling and found a movie with Cuneyt Arkin (with the bad martial arts) and it's not it