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  1. Ah_Tao

    Neil Peart 1952-2020

    @SamSeedMoments like those truly astonish me too. A virtuoso in his own craft like Geddy and Alex. Here's Resist
  2. Ah_Tao

    Neil Peart 1952-2020

    I didn't feel like posting about this yesterday. A huge part of my childhood is gone. Below are a bunch of my favorites
  3. Looks badass, but I'm not sure why they made a reboot of Steel and simply slapped John Henry's name on it. There's no railroad, yikes! If they put the DC trademark and changed the title to Steel, everybody would be going crazy rn. Me personally, I'm definitely going to catch this one in theaters. Edit: Didn't even get to say what I wanted to originally say lol. Whatever happened to The Rock playing John Henry? I remember he got backlash because he wasn't "black enough," but does anybody know if this is the same project?
  4. Heroes of the East Samurai III: Duel at Ganryu Island
  5. You took the words right out of my mouth. It's like they're treating him like a God. Honestly though, think of the time when Bruce came into play. Not many people in America took martial arts series. People viewed martial arts as your pizza-party Karate. They did not take it seriously. Besides the original Ohana, you didn't see other people training for real. I get disappointed when I see some guys on YouTube, whom I will not mention, discover "RARE footage" of Bruce fighting when it is simply a demo. Please don't say its "FULL CONTACT" when they're wearing gear from head to toe. A demo is not an actual fight. These same people would cry about QT's movie about how "racist" it is. Idk if that person is on here or if they will see this, but I got into an argument on Instagram with them over this subject. It's just a movie. Let alone, I don't understand how JKD was created to fight racism. If people could do satire on people like Muhammad Ali, Donald Trump, or even Mister Rogers, why can't they do it to Bruce? I'm probably gonna get heat, but I have to say this too. Shannon sure does a lot for going after people while she pimps out her father's image through different merchandise. It's ridiculous.
  6. What in the hell did I just watch???
  7. Ah_Tao

    Ip Man: Kung Fu Master

    First we get an Ip Man movie about undercover prisons, then OUTIC&A-esque Ip Man, and a Kato/Black Mask-esque Ip Man all in one year! I think that's a record! I liked Dennis To as Ip Man but this is a little too ridiculous for me.
  8. Saw all the fight scenes so far. I enjoyed all of them, until I heard the lines "I'm a 4th dan in Kyokuten Karate"... Then he proceeds to fight in a poorly choreographed Shotokan variation 🤣. Other than that, I cant wait to catch this on blu ray
  9. Master Z: Ip Man Legacy (2019) - 4.5/5 I just want to start out and say that I was very impressed by this movie. When the semester ended, I knew that this was the first movie I had to watch in order to catch up with everything I missed out on. I think I had this on repeat and watched it twice in one sitting. If Yuen Wo-Ping directs modern movies in this fashion, I would be so much happier, as compared to Thousand Faces of Dunjia. I really enjoyed the old-school kung fu movie tone that this film had. If you keep that mindset, you notice that the movie as a whole works really well. I thought the Batista scenes were going to be bad, but I actually enjoyed the final fight that occurs. Michelle Yeoh does a spectacular job playing the honorable crime boss as her brother wrecks havoc in the city. Tony Jaa's cameos are wonderful as they add flavor to the movie with his bladed assassin. I think Max Zhang is very underrated when it comes to his work. His work alone in Ip Man 3 proves just that. He became a fan favorite very quickly which spawned this movie, and deserves every right to his own movie. I'm keeping this review short since pretty much almost everyone has seen this movie already.
  10. Ah_Tao

    RIP Chen Sing

    https://www.instagram.com/p/B6FiMospA0h/ https://www.instagram.com/p/B6FlyBiJHZO/ https://www.instagram.com/p/B6FpiSjpaqQ/
  11. Ah_Tao

    Duke, Prince, Queen, King

    That's awesome. I enjoyed the super deluxe also but was bummed out by the stuff they didn't put on there. There's only so much you can ask for from a man who didn't like putting his stuff out. Strange thing tbh. I will definitely grab this media book very soon, thank you for linking this to me. If my memory is straight, this movie is also on prime (but I like physical copies much better). Gotta say, ICNTPOYM is still a bop even during the version.
  12. Caught this last Saturday and absolutely enjoyed it. I knew it was on as soon as gang marked him. It was a typical revenge scene, and my only real complaint was having a smoother ending. I recommend!
  13. Ah_Tao

    What Concerts Have You Been To Recently?

    Not really a concert, but I figured this would be a good contribution to the thread. I caught RUSH: Cinema Strangiato. It was a theatrical form of selections from the R40 performance along with some really cool extras. i had such a great time watching and so did everyone else in the theater. I think they showed the S&M 2 trailer twice for Metallica, but we'll see if its any good. But yeah it was very good. They started from Clockwork Angels and worked their way back to Working Man. I think they played about 10-15 songs in total.
  14. Ah_Tao

    China Destroys Buddhist Statues

    Truly sad...
  15. Ah_Tao

    Duke, Prince, Queen, King

    Not sure which other ones are out there. I do remember seeing one where he was stopping a gang. If I find it I'll attach it to this post. I'm not sure which comic that was from. Also...