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  1. Caught my attention alittle, see how this turns out.
  2. Yeah we be lucky if there were 3 posts the last 20 years that way. : )
  3. Probably already know , but this is out on itunes. I didn't see it just saw it listed on there atleast, Just fyi...
  4. I really liked this, hope there will be more movies like this again. I give this a thumbs up.😉 Who would have thought this would happen these days, it is nice. Hopefully starts a trend.
  5. slinky#1

    Escape Plan 3: Extractors (Stallone, Bautista, Zhang)

    Daniel Bernhardt is in this, i'm in.
  6. Looked like Scott was ready to make a Young Master spin off when he was released from captive, but then there was nothing.😭 Haha
  7. Aw poor Jeeja. lol I was happy to see who all fought who in this. I would like to see more Tony vs. Iko for sure. Like said the choreo was ok, but not great. There was some good in it though. Michael Bisping, he did a good job in this atleast as this character. Would like to see all the fighters in movies again ofcourse, it is all we really have these days. My two cents.. For me was a Buy.
  8. slinky#1

    Stars Resembling Other Stars

    I thought Daredevil(Charlie Cox) looked a little bit like Eric Jacobus from the stunt people. : )
  9. In the beginning, I was thinking this was going to be not so good because the choreo and shots were off(still wonders about that). Definitely worth the watch, I give this a thumbs up.
  10. If it wasn't Bollywood i would say why, because why make something if isn't better then the original. Then again maybe it would be, usually isn't though. Hopefully it is good and can live up to the original atleast action wise.
  11. Cant wait for this hope it is good though. I mean if this is on par with Monkey Twins, this might be the best year for me as far as series. It is funny how just one episode is better then most movies choreography wise in these series.
  12. I blame Ancient Aliens. haha About the trailer, ugh... I'll probably see it just for Donnie, but ugh...
  13. I just ordered Death Race : Beyond Anarchy looked ok from the trailer, looks to have a little Ma action in it not sure if shot good or done right but...
  14. slinky#1

    Monkey Twins (2016)

    I give this a thumbs up. Loved this series, hope there are more like it to come.👍