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  1. Rodolphe Dux

    Guess the movie?

    It doesn’t look like Shaw’s but I’ll try anyway, the pirate?
  2. Rodolphe Dux

    What is the most recent Shaw Brother's film you've seen?

    The story of sue san. The first movie by King Hu absolutely bedazzled me! It’s really a charming movie, full of great songs and kind hearts. It’s really far away from martial arts. I really like the 60’s shaw movies, the technicolor style was just mesmerizing! If you’re into chinese classical music and romance you’ll like this one.
  3. Rodolphe Dux

    Guess the movie?

    Project A?
  4. Rodolphe Dux

    Golden Kung Fu Mustache Awards

    Yes, there are plenty of good ones indeed.
  5. Rodolphe Dux

    Golden Kung Fu Mustache Awards

    Richarg Ng is indeed a solid choice! Super mario stache, thickness and 19th century elegance, sweet.
  6. Rodolphe Dux

    Golden Kung Fu Mustache Awards

    Stache generation(s), very cool. And proudly wearing a badass watch can’t hurt the swag.
  7. Rodolphe Dux

    Golden Kung Fu Mustache Awards

    Would be unfair not to include the land of stache, India. Singham (not the original singam tamil version 'cause it's a goatee, and goatee are basically awful 90s counterfeit staches). Ajay Devgn
  8. Rodolphe Dux

    am i the only one

    Watching a celestial Shaw remaster with english dubbing is basically a hate crime. You should give Mandarin a chance that's a beautiful language, and like you probably noticed, it is very difficult to dubbed correctly in english without sounding ridiculous. I mean beautiful things always require some efforts at first. And among the 800 SB movies, I think we have plenty of choices like @TibetanWhiteCrane said.
  9. Rodolphe Dux


    Found no death date, but a couple of recent picture of an aging Hsu Hsia
  10. Rodolphe Dux

    Guess the movie?

    Good work anyway! Yes it's your turn, if you want to. There's no rush though, take your time.
  11. Rodolphe Dux

    Guess the movie?

    Bingo, I know it was too damn easy, now I regret my opening animated screenshoot, but good guess though, I knew you couldn't disappoint @ShawAngela
  12. Rodolphe Dux


    Apologies, I misunderstood I'll look for the second name though if I can find something.
  13. Rodolphe Dux

    Guess the movie?

    Very honorable of you, respect!
  14. Rodolphe Dux


    I think he meant 徐天榮, which directed merciful buddha (first one).
  15. Rodolphe Dux

    Golden Kung Fu Mustache Awards

    Splendid! Can't beat a mullet shag combo, plus it would be still super swag in west virginia.