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  1. Merantau by Gareth Evans. First, I want to admit that I like Iko Uwais performance very much, his work as actor and action director is impressive, that's outstanding work. The problem, in my opinion is the directing. The raid is rubbish, the raid 2 is the pinnacle of pretentious crap but merantau is pooly directed but watchable, thanks to the actors, except laurent buson who strongly overracts. Regarding directing and writing that's a failure at all levels, the scripts lacks tensions and ideas, the framing is awful and the cinematography, especially the color is just plain awful. Merantau could have been a decent movie with a decent asian director, not just another pawn from western film school. Garbage movie, but watchable thanks to Sisca Jessica and Iko Uwais.
  2. IT’s basically wuxia but Dragon Swamp and it’s dope. I like the 60’s style the technicolor cinematography is so damn charming.
  3. Rodolphe Dux

    Are kung fu cinema fans pretentious?

    That’s a very good point. But as far I know, Yuen as in 袁 for example is pronounced « jyun4 » and « yuán » in canto and mandarin so it seems you were more accurate in the first place. But yeah, ma and asian fans are stuck-up and arrogant, especially on social media. But the worst debate I come across now and then is the pointless « tarantino’s a hack » kind of debate, full of qt noob worshippers and arrogant hardcore grindhouse fans. Same kind of rage and despise. That’s what I like small communities like here, hot debates from times to times but no rage.
  4. Theme from master of the flying guillotine by Neu!
  5. Rodolphe Dux

    Let's laugh a little bit

    A classic:
  6. Rodolphe Dux

    Iron Dragon TV

    Thanks for the info, I was waiting for a legit and decent MA streaming service. Well, that’s it! Some very good titles for a start, firestorm, Brotherhood of blades, legit... Nice!
  7. Rodolphe Dux

    RIP Rutger Hauer (1944-2019)

    I just watched hitcher as a tribute to Rutger Hauer, I still think it’s an excellent Cannon movie. But I noticed one thing, despite its qualities metacritic gives it a score of 32 out of 100 which is the score of an Uwe Boll movie. The imdb score is arpund seven. One thing to note is that metacritic is a average score of professional, imdb is user reviews. So my point is those kind of review giant are not so trustworthy when it comes to grindhouse or even action / MA movies.
  8. Lord, I'm Schizophrenic myself but I won't stabbed Simon Yam! What a weird idea. Happy that it was barely nothing and he's well. And I hop that Mrs K. will be released decently soon and not on streaming closed platform. The movie deserves Blu!
  9. Rodolphe Dux

    Loved Ones Lost

    First, thank you for sharing and for your work, this community is a very pleasent place to be. Your loved ones can be proud, you achieved something great, many of us can’t say the same. Mourning is a process and in the end it makes you another stronger man, rooting on the lost ones’s souls, who, by essence, will never die. Hang on and thanks for the good work.
  10. Rodolphe Dux

    RIP Rutger Hauer (1944-2019)

    Such a sad news. Split Second, The blood of heroes and blind fury are underrated gems. He was a true grindhouse actor and he’ll be remembered.
  11. Rodolphe Dux

    What is the most recent Shaw Brother's film you've seen?

    The problems I have with this movie is the lack(s) of tension(s). Once the characters are crippled the rest of the movie becomes kind of dull to me. Again, the fight scenes are intrinsically excellent but the characters don't have enough charisma to make it epic. And the flat musical choices can't help. But there's another problem, like for the Five Venoms, the title announces a badass movie, but in the end it's just a drama / thriller with some action sequences. A good thriller, but just a thriller.
  12. Rodolphe Dux

    What is the most recent Shaw Brother's film you've seen?

    The Crippled Avengers. As for The Five Venoms, I’m not impressed. It’s technically very good, but not as epic as some other Zhang Che movies. So, to me, it does not live up to the legend.
  13. Rodolphe Dux

    Hard boiled HK Blu-ray

    For sure, here’s the details from From Yes asia. & dddhouse
  14. Rodolphe Dux

    Hard boiled HK Blu-ray

    It was upscale shit indeed, so it seems to be the same master on this one I’m afraid. But I only read true-hd, if it’s a new sound remastering, that can be cool, but it’s not very likely. Let’s hope the « remaster » is a real one this time.
  15. Rodolphe Dux

    Hard boiled HK Blu-ray

    I can’t see an improvement over the dragon dynasty version. I will get it for the True Hd 24/96 audio track, that can’t be anything but a delight, the sound effects in hard boiled are incredible.