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  1. Rodolphe Dux

    It's October baby....Horror flick time!

    il boia scarlatto AKA Bloody pit of horror A really awesome gothic gem by Massimo Pupillo (Lady Morgan’s vengeance). The gothic atmosphere is really mesmerizing, thanks to Mickey Hargitay. A must watch for gothic enthusiasts!
  2. Rodolphe Dux

    It's October baby....Horror flick time!

    Don Dohler marathon: - Alien factor - Night Beast - Alien rampage There’s a strange but unique atmosphere in Dohler’s movies, some Jack Arnold vibes bit weirder. But I have to admit it’s kind of facinating. Maybe One of the most underrated horror director.
  3. Rodolphe Dux

    The Art of Self defense (2019)

    Yeah thanks, sorry about the double topic, I missed the original one.
  4. Lucky Stars by Sammo Hung Kam Bo. I’m impressed how good Sammo is at writing. The movie is a lot of fun, with fight scenes at the beginning and the end and pure hk comedy in between. The scene in the haunted house is epic (Chan in an Arale costume is a hoot)!
  5. Rodolphe Dux

    The Art of Self defense (2019)

    It’s a good description but The Art of Self defense is way darker and peculiar, really indie.
  6. The most bizarre martial arts movie I have ever seen. It’s an indie movie about karate, starring Jesse Eisenberg. I was surprised how good it was, and especially how subtle it is. All the script is about karate and masculinity, very nicely done. It’s one of those minimalistic movies shot almost entirely in a dojo with a few characters but with awesome dialogues and characterization. The few fight scenes are very brutal but again the movie is mostly about the harsh spirit of karate and masculinity. An awesome piece of cinema, I’m glad I stumbled upon!
  7. Rodolphe Dux

    It's October baby....Horror flick time!

    For sure, Jason X is a damn good film, my fav of the franchise with the first and the fourth. Good script, decent characterization, splendid kills and cool scenery. And the mask’s design is damn badass... But I have to admit some love for Jason in Manhattan!
  8. Rodolphe Dux

    It's October baby....Horror flick time!

    Good choice! there are tons of old school goodness on shudder, starting with chopping mall and slumber party massacre ☠️👍 Have fun! that’s the perfect streaming platform for halloween!
  9. Rodolphe Dux

    It's October baby....Horror flick time!

    You should! The sleeping bag kill is a hoot! But it’s on streaming with Shudder if I remember correctly.
  10. Rodolphe Dux

    It's October baby....Horror flick time!

    Creepshow 1 & 2, superb anthologies with an awesome casting ! Evilspeak, a gigantic 80s possessed computer summoned by Clint Howard is enough for a good time ! Another Clint Howard goodness, Ice cream man, fun and twisted madman movie with ice cream truck.
  11. Rodolphe Dux

    Stupid endings to martial arts movies

    Have to admit that the final shot of John Wick 3 disappointed me to write the least... The pissed off line is kinda cheesy. Otherwise, the ending of police story 2 with the fireworks is a bit grandiloquent to me.
  12. Rodolphe Dux

    It's October baby....Horror flick time!

    Gags the clown by Adam Crause, nicely done if you’re into the found footage stuff. The ending is a bit of a letdown though. Munchie, pretty nice Gremlins rip-off. Maniac Cop trilogy, a classic but very entertaining trilogy. And the guilty pleasure, jason X for the 2000s cheesy style!
  13. Rodolphe Dux

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    A nightmare to find but finally, the Code Red Cut-Throats nine Blu. Quite possibly on my top ten of the best westerns of all times.
  14. Message Man (2018). Interesting movie. First I'm impressed by Paul O'Brien, he's really an impressive actor. The action is ok, but the miserable directing ruins all the good work. Sad. It's still an entertaining movie, but like the raid movies I have a feeling like an underachievement, it could have been so great with a decent directing... Decent time anyway.
  15. Rodolphe Dux

    What is the most recent Shaw Brother's film you've seen?

    Shaolin Rescuers by Zhang Che. I read many bad things regarding this movie, like it's a minor Venom movie, standard stuff... Well, I don't care, the point of SB movies is that they always entertain, and this one is no exception. I'm tired of comparing movies like they're boxes of soup, I just enjoyed this movie very much, Philip Kwok and his pals entertains us once again with splendid and joyful action in the charming SB universe and that's what matters to me. My favorite SB movies are certainly those which don't take it too seriously. Great time !