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  1. Has anyone seen Martin Kove's new television commercial for Koala? It's pretty amusing where he's in the dojo as John Kreese talking about how he used to be pretty intense but has now learned how to be more mellow while telling one of his students "More Mercy".
  2. I remember buying Bruce Takes Dragon Town on vhs and being so pissed off when watching it, the hero being an old guy with rotting teeth and the fighting was aweful. Loved Challenge of the Tiger though for HJL and all the trashy exploitation fun, even Bruce Le wasn't to bad!
  3. This is one of my favorites of his as well DC, it definitely has heart especially in the way JC's relationship with his brother's widow and niece are portrayed. Harrison Page as his grizzled trainer was great too. And of course Van Damme throws some awesome kicks in this too!
  4. CT KID

    40th Anniversary of FIST OF FURY

    I remember reading in a book on Lee years ago that the reason they changed his hair style from the combed back look to the mod look was because his hair wouldn't stay in place during the action scenes. Guess they didn't have hairspray! lol
  5. CT KID

    New ESPN Documentary - 'Be Water' (2020)

    Shannon sure didn't tell Tarrentino that about his film did she, but he wasn't thoughtful enough to ask her first like Bao did....
  6. Funny, Craig stands there holding his hands awkwardly while his double does all the kicking, who isn't bad!
  7. As far as one genre influencing another, Westerns can be influenced by easterns as well in that A Fistfull of Dollars was a remake of Yojimbo.
  8. CT KID

    Guess the movie?

    Isn't that Chang Yi, the eye patch wearing villain from The Victim?
  9. I have to confess l think Fist of Fear is aweful and so cheesy. Arron Banks acts so creepy when they ask him about the death touch and he replies "I can't comment on that" and walks off swiftly. Hilarious!
  10. CT KID

    am i the only one

    It all comes down to if you wanna see more Asian films you gotta be willing to read subs...
  11. That flick gives vibes of a 70s porno at first then they break out with some of the slowest karate moves ever lol. Then she does an Indiana Jones on him.
  12. CT KID

    Enter the Dragon II

    I understand, your just a poster not a verifier or endorser. And no l was not there but even if I had been l couldn't remember because of being about 1 at the time. It is easy to dismiss but also easy to fabricate the truth to sale a book too lol. He definitely wouldn't be the first though!
  13. CT KID

    Enter the Dragon II

    Yeah TWC I just don't understand why DC would fall for this guys tall tales after all the other imformation and facts over the years have come out that contradict his claims. I've never heard this guy being mentioned before till now and suddenly he's got an inside scoop on all these secrets?
  14. CT KID

    Jim DRAGON Kelly - Ric Meyer's Interview

    No you didn't have it backwards you are exactly right! You must have misunderstood me lol. When I said Kelly didn't use control I meant he actually hit Tan in the fight scenes and Tan got mad and started hitting him back. I think the crew broke them up from having an all out fight. After that it was Kelly that was blacklisted from HK movies. You can read about in the review for the film over at the cityonfire film site.
  15. CT KID

    Enter the Dragon II

    Yeah horseshit and I believe Bruce's friends and family would say the same. @DragonClaws I know your just posting this as an FYI but you don't think this guy is legit do you?
  16. CT KID

    Jim DRAGON Kelly - Ric Meyer's Interview

    No he's referring to Tan Tao Liang. Kelly didn't want to use control with his techniques in the fight scenes and it pissed him off. That's why the planned sequel to Tattoo Connection never happened and he was pretty much blacklisted from HK movies because of the bad reputation after that.
  17. Ioi I hear you man, you do know that was a double that did the crane kick in the finale of the original movie though right? I don't believe I've ever seen Macchio throw a head high kick himself ever except for a inside crescent last season, but l love the guy regardless.
  18. CT KID

    Of these which is your favourite? (With Poll)

    I sent a message to the administrators about the issue so hopefully they will open it back up soon. The reason I picked Showdown at the Cotton Mill is because of how the close and loving bond between Chi and his wife and son are portrayed, his loyalty to his Shaolin brothers, the way Tan plays the villain with cunning and ruthlessness, and the incredible matchup and contrast between Chi and Tan's styles.
  19. Now that was a cool double kick, l believe Scott's forte is those flying kicks especially the spinning ones.
  20. CT KID

    Walker: Texas Ranger Reboot - Jared Padalecki

    Well the CW ain't CBS but we'll take what we can get.🙂
  21. CT KID

    Kill Zone vs Flash Point

    So did l. SPL is the better overall movie, but Flashpoint edges it in better fights.
  22. People have been posting the fights on youtube with Yen vs Collins and Adkins and they looked good with power and energy but seemed short to me for a kungfu movie. Looking forward to watching the whole movie in better quality when it comes to disc or on demand.
  23. I love them both as well and saw where I chose FOL in this thread way back in 2008. Now with so much water under the bridge my opinion has changed and have to go with DM 2. The fights just seem more powerful and it's hard to top that finale.