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    That would be awesome if you guys ever do it, been wanting a better version ever since rarescope released theirs.
  2. Yeah I wish they would have kept it on the Columbia/Tri-Star version that came later. The Thunderfoot line, "Who in the hell teaches you kungfu, it isn't worth a shit!" was memorable. I'd have to go with Drunken Master overall but I think the end fight in Young Master is better and the best Hwang In Shik has ever looked. HJL is the better kicker but In Sik is more versatile with kicks, hands and joint locks/grappling
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    I love Bruce Lee's Secret because the laughs never stop coming in this flick a d view it as a comedy. It doesn't compare to Ho's later work which are my favorites though like The 3 Avengers, Dynamo and Chinese Stuntman.
  4. CT KID

    Rumble in Rome: Way of The Dragon Appreciation Thread

    Bruce has got his hoochie mama right by his side in that pic and she wasn't even in the film! Chuck looks like he's liking her too as close as he's standing in that photo! lol
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    Have you ever thought about doing Showdown at the Cotton Mill?
  6. Well my uncle asked me, " Is there a rule in these movies where they can only attack one at a time?" Of course he was referring to when the hero was fighting a bunch of people but they would take turns attacking instead of all of them just rushing him/her. Also when they get a sword or spear shoved slap through them or shot numerous times but go on fighting another five or ten minutes. Also jumping overs walls or onto roofs, and when they die they freeze standing up or in a pose. I'm sure there alot more just can't think of them at the moment. Oh yeah becoming proficient or mastering a fighting style in a short amount of time. Also the more madder or drunk they get the more Invincible they become. 😎
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    If there the white burnt in subs with the chinese subs underneath your in for heartache and misery....
  8. I'm pretty sure he's on a wire/wires considering the time he stays in the air and the distance covered although they are probably thin and hard to see. The height he achieves jumping off of one leg while turning backwards looks enhanced as well. But then again I wasn't there so could be wrong...
  9. I would love to see this, two of my favorite kickers together for the first time! It will be interesting to see if they still got it, its been a long time since seeing either one in anything. Was just watching Won Jin in Women on the Run last week and had forgot what a great kicking display he put on as the villain.
  10. I believe the reason Seagal went right to a starring role was because one of his students, Michael Ovitz, was a powerful Hollywood agent at the time.
  11. CT KID

    Sequels to MA movies you had no idea of?

    That looks like a George Tan produced rip-off of The Karate Kid.
  12. Damn, I thought that was Don Johnson for a second there but I know he can't kick like that. 😜
  13. The Rarescope release is the best version available, the film was thought lost l believe until someone found the print in Taiwan but it was badly damaged. Rarescope did a good job considering what they had to work with but they definitely should have redone the subs, the original ones are hard to make out because they're on the actual film print and get camouflaged. Still it's one of my favorites because of Tan and Chi's performance. They both said in interviews that this was their best performance.
  14. I think he was implying they were a couple, they did date for a while.
  15. Didn't really like this one's idea of trying to build a movie around a fight scene and the flashback thing. I preferred the Showdown at the Cotton Mill version alot better.
  16. I would go with Bruce and the Iron Finger...
  17. The guy that played the martial arts psycho killer in Fear City looked like crap performing his moves against Tom Berenger's ex-boxer character, stiff and awkward moving. Not a bad Abel Ferrara sleaze noir flick though
  18. Guess I just have Lo stuck in my mind as the way he looked in the 70s but I'm sure he looked alot different when he was younger and a movie idol/star. As for Island on Fire, seems several people over at the Cityonfire site kinda liked it according to the reviews.
  19. She looks amazing for 81, working out can truly work wonders!
  20. CT KID

    Bruce Lee's The Big Boss (Appreciation Thread)

    So true, but they had egos too and weren't about to let this "young buck" come in and completely take over lol.
  21. Remember reading in Jackie's book My Life in Action how Wang Yu got Jackie out of the sticky situation with the triads and how he owed Jimmy a favor. Of course Jackie repayed the favor by appearing in the awful Island of Fire, even though his fight scene in it wasn't bad. So Lo Wei was a teen heartthrob huh? I would have never guessed that DC, interesting.
  22. lol she was definitely not cast for her kicking skills but for her hotness. I must say Bong Soo Han does make for a good creepy cult leader...