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  1. CT KID

    Bruce Lee's The Big Boss (Appreciation Thread)

    Oh yes, when Lee did his style of choreography and technique he set a new standard that was way to fluid to be considered basher.
  2. Bill Wallace's kicking style is similar to Tan's in that he chambers the leg in a pre side kick position and then throws the side, roundhouse and hook multiple times before putting the foot back down. Of course he can't do the spinning and jumping kicks like Tan because of the knee injury. Wish HJL and Tan could have faced off in a movie, as far as I know they never shared the screen. I never competed in the point fighting tournaments, they were bigger in the 80s before I started TKD. I competed in the WTF full contact tournaments where you wore the chest guard/hogue, head guard and forearm/shin foot pads. It was more realistic in that it was like boxing rounds and wasn't stopped unless there was a knockout or illegal warning. You could only punch to the chest though which was limiting. Didn't like the guys that wanted to sneak a quick, weak roundhouse kick in off and on while running from you most of the fight.
  3. I didn't know this guy was actually a stunt double for Bolo, he is instantly recognizable for his role in Drunken Master where he had a mustache. Some have actually thought he was Bolo but he doesn't look anything like him in the face. I think Ric Myers was one...
  4. Oh I saw that one, definitely not as good as Tattoo Connection but still enjoyed it.
  5. Judging by that pic and quote he's gonna make a good villain. What is the spinoff film from part 3 Asmo is referring to?
  6. Sweet, with Rhee as a trainer the kicking can only get better. Where is Macchio in those training photos? I believe he needs it the most. 😜
  7. Another good but short fight scene for Sun Chien too, playing a deceiving character with a blade in his boot.
  8. I have 1 and 2 on DVD but never saw part 3. I remember the hype about Mike Tyson playing the boxer Yen fights in it, that would be interesting to see. Yen vs Adkins should be epic, been a fan of his since watching Ninja 1 and 2 and the Boyka films. Would love to see Yen and Kane Kosugi throwdown on screen one day soon too.
  9. Well you know what I'm thinking, but hey I'm only human.
  10. Whatever happened to Jeeja Yanin? She was so amazing in Chocolate but never saw much of her after that. Seem to remember her making an appearance in a Tony Jaa film but can't remember for sure with my aging mind.
  11. This is one of Tan's that I somehow missed, if it's anything like his fight with Chen Sing on the ship in Tattoo Connection I've gotta see it!(Well you did say the movie was crap, but hoping the end fight might be something to see)
  12. I'm glad my parents have cinemax or l would have never got to see this last spring. Looking forward to next spring for season 2, hope it surpasses season 1 in action and story! Wonder if they will tone down that vulgar cussing, It's kind of embarrassing when your mother is watching it too. 🤭
  13. Valid points guys. But when you get right down to it most people (as in the human race) imo are attracted to the martial arts genre for the cool ass way of fighting. If blacks loved and helped popularize the genre and kept it from dying then all us fans should be grateful. I can understand if they could relate to being the underdog because of a history of discrimination, but all people have felt like the underdog at times in their life and felt abused or bullied as well, l know I sure have. That's one reason why I was drawed to these movies and have practiced martial arts for over 30 years. We can't erase or change history, I wish all people could just find common ground and come together instead of trying to draw lines of separation.
  14. It seems more an individual people thing than a race thing. I've known different people from the same race that one loved the genre and another couldn't stand. I don't agree with saying one race loves it or relates to it more than another. Everybody sees things from their own perspective so I'm not saying lm right or others are wrong and respect everyone's point of view.