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  1. Yukabacera

    The diving fight ??

    There isn't any alternate title that I know of for this one, but of course the correct title is "The Divine Fight". The director: HKMDB
  2. dianying.com is alright. I would say that although they're quite lacking in details and particulars on each movie, their coverage is wider as they include many Taiwanese movies not in the HKMDB. I'm not sure if they even have precise release dates, though (at least, I've never seen any). I don't think it's actively maintained, either. I agree. I have lots of information I could contribute to such a database if it existed and would love to do so...
  3. Yukabacera

    Born Of Fire?

    Yes, it seems plausible that that might be him as well, although the given name is different. I think he went back to using his real name in 1985 or so.
  4. I don't know where they get them in general, but that specific date comes from here: http://suling213.blogspot.com/2013/07/1986.html
  5. Yukabacera

    Born Of Fire?

    The HKMDB identified "Born of Fire" as the IFD version of "Bruce Tuan 7-Promise", which is almost certainly correct since the cast and costumes match. Now, "Bruce Tuan 7-Promise" and another movie called "The Flute Player of Wrath" both credit Ou-yang Hung as director, which looks like a pseudonym since there's no other credits to his name. Since the IFD poster credits "Ulysses Au-yeung", that is, Tsai Yang-ming or Ou-yang Chun, I guess it's safe to say these two were directed by him. One VHS cover of "Shaolin Drunken Monk", which was definitely directed by Tsai Yang-ming, also credits "Ou-yang Hung". @Markgway might be interested.
  6. Yukabacera

    Sister Street Fighter collection giveaway...

    I'd love to be considered for this one, have always been meaning to see these movies and it seems that this release is the way to go.
  7. Yukabacera

    Identifying a Shaws' actress

    Diana Chang Chung-wen (張仲文), I believe.
  8. Yukabacera

    Editing the HKMDB?

    It seems that Michael Kistner is a recently active editor too, having merged this page (not quite correctly, at least IMO) with a previous one and added pictures: http://hkmdb.com/db/movies/view.mhtml?id=15111
  9. Yukabacera

    Composer Francis Lai Dies

    I just watched "Their Private Lives" with Chow Yun Fat a week or so ago which used his "Bilitis" score quite liberally (in fact, I think ALL of the incidental music in that movie was from this): A well known score in its own right, I'm sure it can be heard in some other HK movie... RIP.
  10. Yukabacera

    Editing the HKMDB?

    Any luck or ideas, guys? It seems that "heinz germany" is the most active member currently, but I've had no luck trying to track him down...
  11. Yukabacera

    Editing the HKMDB?

    Thanks for the responses, guys. Let me know if there are any updates. AlbertV, what is your username on there? I'm sure I've seen something you've worked on while browsing.
  12. Yukabacera

    Editing the HKMDB?

    Is anybody here in touch with anyone who edits the HKMDB, or is even an editor himself? I've been trying to contact someone to try and register an account, since it doesn't seem to be possible to do so through the site itself anymore. It definitely gets regular updates (some of the long time reviewers still post reviews too), I just don't know exactly who's doing them or how to contact them. I'd appreciate any help...