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  1. Agreed I have the German Blu Ray which include the extra fight scenes unfortunately no English subtitles hopefully 88 films can rectify this with their version coming to Blu Ray in March 2020
  2. Bob your artwork is the best I've ever seen huge congrats brother
  3. I watched iron fisted monk this morning and everything about it is perfect strong rape scenes but picture and sound quality is totally fantastic best it as ever sounded and ever looked big big respect to @Irongod2112 and anyone else that was involved with these 3 sammo hung classics
  4. As always Bob phenomenal work my friend Dragons forever and Miracles next ??
  5. Graysman

    Carry on pickpocket

    I would like to buy Sammo Hung's Carry on pickpocket dvd if anyone as one to sell me thanks
  6. The guy on the right is Bill "Superfoot" Wallace
  7. To be honest I totally agree with you
  8. Bob please do the artwork for these current chan releases only the best will do and you are brother
  9. The artwork on this Bob is out of this world freaking phenomenal man massive congrats
  10. Is that Carter Wong in the red? On the Chan Wei Man team.
  11. From what I've been told from people who now own this German version it's the same as the older print version. Although there is a 70 minute extra showing loads of trailers.
  12. Without adoubt I much prefer physical it looks so good in collection especially some of the amazing artwork that gets done this gets a massive thumbs up for me personally good job guys kept it rolling.
  13. Also on this thread.The Protector by 88 films will feature the Hong Kong cut but sadly not in 2k as mentioned by them on Twitter.