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  1. Does this have the alternative ending in the whole movie thanks
  2. Graysman

    School of fire

    Anyone have The Tai Seng version preferably done DVD_R of Ringo Lam's School of fire thanks, I know there is a dvd and blu ray version out but both are cut the Tai Seng version isn't thanks
  3. That's not a problem I can't see him uploading the files anyways so no big deal
  4. Would prefer a download digital version please
  5. Ok thanks keep me informed please.
  6. To be honest I wouldn't bother with it its going to be much hassle besides it was for a private commission work although he did mention if there were interest he may let other folks get a copy I presume he still as the files I would much rather download them myself if he can send the blu ray files we will see.
  7. im interested in this how we go about getting a copy thanks
  8. The ipman series as fantastic
  9. I just like to add I think Donnie as made some decent movies from the noughties onwards
  10. I don't like to compare But on this topic as to be Sammo for me sorry Donnie
  11. Mystery of chessboxing will do nicely hopefully it will happen one day
  12. Agreed I have the German Blu Ray which include the extra fight scenes unfortunately no English subtitles hopefully 88 films can rectify this with their version coming to Blu Ray in March 2020
  13. Bob your artwork is the best I've ever seen huge congrats brother