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    Cinema - HK, Korean, Thai. Fan of Anita Mui, Brigitte Lin, Carina Lau, Leslie Cheung, Eric Tsang, Lau Ching Wan, Alex Fu Sheng....Also love guitars, classical and strats and all things Beretta.

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  1. Seemed like something out a movie, didn't it? When I read it, I thought to myself "Poison darts? Who does that?" But when you consider the person behind it, why not? It's more subtle than a knife or gun and easier to hide. I hope they get them both.... Laura
  2. Chatnoir

    New Year's Resolutions?

    I can sympathize with that...I have generalized anxiety, social phobia and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Debating about staying with my meds as I'm not sure how much it helps as opposed to harms. Stinks..... I've been overweight since I started with my employers more than three years ago. I'd like to lose weight and get down from 133 to 120....and get back into martial arts. Laura
  3. Chatnoir

    Three (2016)

    Has anyone seen this yet? Not sure what to make of it but it's a Johnnie To project.... Laura
  4. Chatnoir

    Call of Heroes (2016)

    I just saw this recently...Koo was over the top but I really enjoyed the film and didn't notice the length myself. Highly recommended! Laura
  5. Chatnoir

    Train to Busan (2016) - Korean Zombie Movie!

    I found it a little hard to watch - doesn't seem well thought out enough and zombies don't fit what previous films have done...I'll pass. Laura
  6. I haven't watched his films in years...the fact that he doesn't bother to keep in shape is a reflection of the poor quality films he makes too. Laura
  7. Anita Mui in A Better Tomorrow III, Love and Death in Shanghai. Laura
  8. Chatnoir

    Your Top 100 Films

    1. Chungking Express 2. Ashes of Time 3. Days of Being Wild 4. In the Mood for Love 5. Center Stage 6. A Better Tomorrow 7. A Better Tomorrow II 8. A Better Tomorrow III, Love and Death and Saigon 9. Confession of Pain 10. Bullet in the Head 11. Where a Good Man Goes 12. Happy Together 13. The Heroic Trio 14. Drunken Master II 15. Police Story 16. Rumble in the Bronx 17. Peking Opera Blues 18. PTU 19. SPL 20. Running Out of Time 21. Shanghai Triad 22. Raise the Red Lantern 24. Eat a Bowl of Tea 25. Letter to an Unknown Woman 26 My Father and I 27. Eat, Drink, Man, Woman 28. Ip Man II 29. Dragon, (aka Wu Xia) 30. Perhaps Love 31. The Warlords 32. The Longest Nite 33. Mad Detective 34. Full Contact 35. Expect the Unexpected 36. Bullet in the Head 37. The Killer 38. Hard Boiled 39. Curse of the Golden Flower 40. Infernal Affairs 41. Infernal Affairs 2 43. Punished 44. Exiled 45. Accident 46. Full Time Killer 47. Looking for Mr. Perfect 48. Triangle 49. Echoes of the Rainbow 50. All's Well End's Well 2009 51. Run Papa Run 52. La Brassiere 53. Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame 54. Curiosity Kills the Cat 55. A Chinese Ghost Story 56. Once a Thief 57. The Bride with White Hair 58. The Bride with White Hair II 59. Red Dust 60. Web of Deception 61 Dragon Inn 62. Swordsmen III: The East is Red 63. Rouge 64. Justice My Foot! 65. Fight Back to School 3 66. Eighteen Springs 67. As Tears Go By 68. Bodyguards and Assassins 69. SPL 2 70. Tai Chi II 71. Hero 72. Queen of Hearts (England) 73. The Clothes in the Wardrobe (aka The Summer House) (England) 74. Henry the V (Kenneth Branagh) 75. Dorm 76. A Tale of Two Sisters 77. A Bittersweet Live 78. Poetry 79. Outrage 80. Beyond Outrage 81. Black Rain 82. The Host 83. Memories of Murder 84. The Show Must Go On 85. Brother (Takeshi Kitano) 86. Brat (Russia) 87. Gloria (Gena Rowlands) 88. Another Woman (Gena Rowlands) 89. The Family Game (Yusaku Matsuda) 90. Shall We Dance? (Japan) 91. 13 Assassins (2010) 92. Sword of Vengence 94. Shogun (TV series) 95. A Christmas Story 96. Cinema Paradiso 97. Next Summer (France) 98. Memories of Tomorrow (Japan) 99. Iron & Silk 100. The Thieves (Korea)
  9. Chatnoir

    Top 5 Best Korean Movies?

    A Bittersweet Life Nightmare Poetry A Tall of Two Sisters Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring
  10. Chatnoir

    Call of Heroes (2016)

    I'm dying to get this film, anything by Sammo has got to be great.... Laura
  11. Chatnoir

    The Last King(2016)

    Saw it myself...well acted...and I recognized one of the actors from Dead Snow (another great film). Laura
  12. Chatnoir

    Unpopular opinion thread

    I think Bruce Lee was a better fighter than an actor. Jackie Chan needs to retire. I've seen the same fight choreography in nearly all his films and I think he's out of ideas... Sammo is God... Brigitte Lin needs to come out of retirement, as does Ruby Wong (Where a Good Man Goes)....Carina Lau needs a kickass role because she's a kickass actress... Zhang Ziyi really stinks as an actor - and tired of directors using her over better actresses that can actually carry a role....Edit to add "Hero" was epic, I absolutely loved that film, especially the fight scene between Jet and Donnie. Laura
  13. As far as the entertainment community goes (and frankly in business as well), men prefer beauty over talent and the younger the better. Obviously that doesn't inspire a lot of bonding with women as it creates a cut throat environment when women work together. Maggie clearly has the talent...I always thought Zhang just had youth on her side. Her acting is absolutely wooden and I can honestly say the she ruins every film for me that she appears in.... Laura
  14. Chatnoir

    List of 30 Sammo Hung Movies to Enjoy.

    SPL was one of my favorites with Sammo....including Ip Man 2. Laura
  15. Chatnoir

    Piper (2015) - New Korean Horror

    I'd like to see it at Netflix or Amazon Prime. I think Amazon actually does a better job of adding Korean films...but both are slow at adding new titles. Laura