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  1. BillyLo

    What next for custom blu ray? Suggestions please

    No, the Hong Kong theatrical release is different from the international version. When it was first screened in Hong Kong, the Ji Han Jae fight was definitely in the middle of the film. It also contains the alternative happy ending with Billy Lo leaving on the boat. This is the original Hong Kong version, not the so-called "Hong Kong version" available from Shout Factory, which is actually the Singapore version. The Singapore print replaced the original Hong Kong version in the 90s and unfortunately this has disappeared. I have a Hong Kong VHS, which contains the exact version that was first shown on the cinemas. A HD version can be reconstructed with a few snippets of SD footage. I'd be really happy to help out if anybody is interested.
  2. BillyLo

    What next for custom blu ray? Suggestions please

    I'm referring to the first release of the film that contains the Ji Han Jae fight in the middle. It's only available on VHS but a HD version can be reconstructed with just a few snippets to add from my tape. I know it's the original version since I have some reviews from 1978. The scene with Casanova Wong is also slightly shorter in the original cut and the transition works better.
  3. BillyLo

    What next for custom blu ray? Suggestions please

    I'd like to see a reconstruction of the original cinema release of Game of Death. I have a VHS rip if anybody wants to use it as a reference.
  4. I think my tape is from Venezuela but it plays in English. Is there a DVD release available in English?
  5. BillyLo

    Game of Death - Fan Cuts

    Haven't watched these. The only fan version I have is integral and I didn't like it too much. I would like to see some fan reconstructions of the original Hong Kong cinema release. I have all the source material to make it possible but not the editing software.
  6. Hey, I'm looking for the director's cut with English subtitles if anybody can help. Happy to trade something in exchange
  7. I have loads of spaghetti westerns on DVD-s. Some pretty obscure ones. Anybody interested in doing swaps?
  8. BillyLo

    The Filipino Cinema Thread

    I've always had a soft spot for the old, trashy Filipino films. I'd love to see more of them. Stuff like Target Sparrow Unit!
  9. Let's clarify: Singapore version = no Ji Han Jae fight + Billy Lo getting arrested at the end Hong Kong version = the Ji Han Jae fight in the middle of the film with alternative footage of Billy Lo walking to the Red Pepper restaurant in an old man disguise + Billy leaving Hong Kong on the boat at the end of the film. The Singapore cut replaced the Hong Kong version in the 1990s. This DVD is a Hong Kong import that I bought a long time ago. It contains the Singapore version with English subtitles. I just want my money back on it really since I don't need it anymore and I'll throw in the Hong Kong version (real Hong Kong version) with the 97 minutes of outtakes to anybody who takes it off my hands
  10. No, the Shout Factory Blu-ray has the Singapore version, which is mistakenly referred to as the Hong Kong version.
  11. If anybody wants to buy this, I'll throw in the HK version with the Ji Han Jae fight in the middle and the Game of Death outtakes
  12. BillyLo

    Way of the Dragon and G.O.D. - Shout Factory 2017

    It is actually my second favourite after Enter the Dragon. My preferred version is the original Hong Kong cut with the Ji Han Jae fight in the middle of the film and the alternative happy ending. I wish that version could be restored. I hoped that would be the version on the Shout Factory Blu. I'm surprised a new English dub with Bruce Lee's actual battle cries hasn't been made yet. Shout mixed the music from the international print with the sound effects from the Japanese theatrical release. Pity they didn't do something similar with the Singapore cut
  13. BillyLo

    Way of the Dragon and G.O.D. - Shout Factory 2017

    I got the Blu-ray and I'm disappointed about the captioned subtitles. I wonder if they're going to correct it
  14. BillyLo

    Wanted: Tower of Death/Game of Death II

    http://www.cityonfire.com/hkfilms/st/towerofdeath.html Read it here. "Japanese version - A totally different movie. The beginning has Lee teaching a Jeet Kune Do class while he is challenged by Hwang Jang Lee from phone. After numerous attempts at Lee, he flies to Korea and enters the pagoda. Reportedly, this has numerous outdoor scenes - whether this is the missing footage of the 'real' Bruce Lee or the footage he shot of the others remains unclear."
  15. Has anybody with good editing software made an attempt to add English audio to the Asian prints of Game of Death? The Asian prints are far superior to the international version since they cut out all the unnecessary and boring scenes and have real Bruce Lee battle cries. The only disadvantage is there is no English audio for what was an English language film. If anybody has an English fandub with the three Bruce Lee fight scenes restored or plans to make one, let me know as this would be my preferred version