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  1. Equilibrium/Renaissanace double feature (Blu Ray/DVD combo pack) Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (dvd, original home media version, essentially a Director's cut) House of Fury (dvd) Gravy (Blu Ray)
  2. Master Z: IP Man Legacy Enjoyed the heck out of this. Stylish as heck, good fights, and the music was fitting as well. They did a great job with the final fight, but the ending could have been a little less, rushed.
  3. Master Z: Ip Man Legacy and Shadow. Both on Blu ray/dvd. The trailer for Shadow impressed me and The Silver Spleen sold me on Master Z.
  4. Duel of Fists David Chiang stars as an engineer who is sent by his father to Thiland to find his long lost brother. A lot of good Thai Boxing and Chinese Boxing in this, some good action and Ti Lung showing up for a plot about how corrupt the Thai Boxing scene is. The only issues is the wonky zooming in that feels jerky and some of the weird music choices. Is The Angry Guest a sequel to this?
  5. Is that the one with the weirdly shoehorned in gambling sequence?
  6. I haven't seen Gone in 60 Seconds since I was a kid, so this will be a treat. Simon Yam was better than I expected in Hitman too.
  7. Hitman. Not sure what this move was trying to be at first, but after watching it, I actually enjoyed this. I assume this was an early sync sound effort from the studio, but I enjoyed how they didn't just make the Japanese into over the top bad guys. Yes, the guy killed is bad, but he created a revenge fund and off goes Jet Li to try and get the reward with the help of an agent. Eric Tsang has some comedic bits, but nothing feels forced in the movie. That end fight is really well done also.
  8. The East is Red, Hitman, Secondhand Lions, Gone In 60 Seconds (original), the godfather trilogy on Blu ray, and After Hours. All $1usd each at the local public library sale. The East is Red looks like it will at least have good action in it.
  9. Not sure if this fits here, but I remember watching The Shadow Whip and most of that movie uses music from the James Bond film You Only Live Twice.
  10. Quantum Leap on blu ray. Looks fantastic, the original music has been restored and heck, it is just a great show!
  11. Thanks! Will totally pick up a copy of The Moon Warriors this year! I'll keep that dvd though cause how can you not? One of the cooler looking discs I own.
  12. Do The Moon Warriors and Full Contact look good on blu ray? I have the old dvd of The Moon Warriors and that ending fight alone (for the weirdness of course) makes me want to grab a blu ray copy. Arriving this weekend for me is Keiho, Fight Back To School 3 and Casino Raiders, all on dvd. I've heard only good things about Fight Back To School 3, so it gives me hope after seeing the first 2.
  13. The Convict Killer. Ohh man, those sets where so detailed and lush. Plus the plot wasn't bad and the action was cool too. Seeing that giant Iron Chain in action was a treat!
  14. MacGyver complete series (original series) and Quantum Leap complete series (on blu ray). Quantum Leap looks good on El Ray, so I assume it will look even better on actual discs. Don't like the stacking of discs in the cases for QL, but can't complain too much.
  15. Picked up Dr Wai in "The Scripture With No Words", The Master, The Three Swordsmen, Duel To The Death and the South Korean movie Going By The Book at the local library sale yesterday.