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  1. Just want to share with you Bruce Lee fans , I discover a true hidden gem in Thailand , in a small city call Pak Cong. it about 3 hours North East from Bangkok . feel like walking back in time, because nothing really has changed since 1971. I would highly recommended seeing it, before they remodel this landmark. there talk about them selling it or remodeling it soon. if your taking a vacation to Thailand , take full advantage of your trip and see this place. it been on my bucket list for some time. video-1577619686.mp4 video-1577619608.mp4
  2. I just came back from Thailand and visit the old Bruce Lee film location of The Big Boss. it a true hidden gem and nothing really has changed since 1971. feels like walking back in time. 

    Untitled collage.jpg

  3. we are now making a new bronze bust, here are some updates. but still just work in progress
  4. SANTI

    Lo Mang park workouts

    here are some very rare photos of Lo Mang
  5. SANTI

    Lu Feng in Mexico

    we had the honor pf Lu Feng come to Mexico and teach us . video-1560392628.mp4
  6. The Great Lo Mang


  7. Lo Mang teaching us his southern mantis 

  8. SANTI

    THE SILENT FLUTE softcovers have arrived.

    No puedo esperar para verlo. ¡Este es un verdadero tesoro!
  9. Lu Feng teaching my students do to flip!

  10. We are proud to announce the bronze bust of Chiang Sheng is done. we made this to keep his memory and legacy alive. this will be displayed in our Museum in Tijuana. We hope this Honor him and his fans. video-1544735329.mp4
  11. timeless classic! 


  12. timeless classic! 


  13. timeless classic!